Vodka was my elevator to the bottom

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When it gets down to it there aren't THAT many options, are there?
---Burbons (which could kinda fall under whiskey)
liqueurs/cordials/schnapps (in the US these could be one "category" imo)
.... too lazy to google the rest of em.

I was a rum guy because I had the best odds of hitting my "target level" of wasted (+10-20% over the mark... usually) whereas with Vodka I overshot the "target" by substantial amounts on a consistent basis. "Dirty martini" nights allllllllways ended badly. --so did Jägermeister nights and Ouzo nights. Wine nights rarely got me to where I wanted to be unless I switched to liquor - which usually meant Rum because I'd underestimate the effect of the wine and needed something I (thought I) could "manage." <--- lmao..... and I believed this was "normal / notta problem drinking" I mean, how could it be a problem? I've got it all worked out on the flow-chart in my head.

a couple important thoughts though:
1. Alcohol is alcohol regardless of how it's packaged.
2. If alcohol is your problem, stop drinking and your problems stop too
3. Alcoholism is about WAAAAY more than just the booze and the (over)drinking of it. True alcoholics (or "real alcoholics" if you please) suffer from alcoholism and "not drinking" makes the "ism" worse if it's left untreated.
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