Thanks SR!

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Thanks SR!

Alone in the kitchen, fresh garlic sizzling in the olive oil, the potatoes beginning to brown, (no witnesses), and this is MY time, my have a drink and unwind, forget the anxiety of the day time. I came SO CLOSE to “cheating” just a minute ago that I ran in here to log on. I read for a few minutes…and... well, thanks. Just wondering what you all do to get through those moments…or are you that much past it that you don’t get them any more?
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I cant say I have those moments yet,for now,Im just trying to get through day2,hang in there,Im sure others will have some input.
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reading here and posting helped me to get through a lot of those moments in the early days, dontwant2Bdad

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Well, now I'm hungry! You did what I did today. I had a real urge to run out and get a bottle of wine (it often hits me while I'm doing my artwork). I kept painting for another hour but was still feeling weak, so I came to SR and kept reading and posting and found that the urge went away. It usually happens that when I read long enough..... there will be a couple of posts that really hit home and strengthen my commitment.

In the past, I've also had times when I just had to get through it. I know it doesn't seem like it will go away, but it will. Even a whole days of urges (which is the pits.....) isn't much when you think about all the good sober days.
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