feeling strong today

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feeling strong today

I know its early but you know I have never felt so determined or cared so much to quit drinking. I hate that I depended on alcohol as a way to cope for so long. I was a 1-2 night binger, so not as much as some, but I looked forward to those nights...No more. I do finally believe that alcohol just helped to keep me down in life, it made me feel worse about myself and weak.

I want to handle what life throws at me and cope, in a healthy way. No more hiding. I feel a little defiant today.
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welcome to SR. I have found the people here to be amazingly great support.
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Thumbs up

********************{wamest supportive hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}
on your journey..........I started here in 2003. LIfe is still a handful and just downright stormy and nasty half the time, but within me now I have healthy tools and a better attitude and I actually LOVE life now. I NEVER thought I would be able to say that when I first arrived.

Keep posting, lots of great people here......
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YES I HAVE!! Each day I feel stronger and stronger!!
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Sometimes defiance is what you need to keep going in your quit.

Keep at it!
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Good for you FindingDawn!
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It's great that you're feeling that inner strength today. We need all those days we can get! I kinda like that word "defiant!"
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I'm glad that you're feeling strong, and I hope you can hold on to that feeling.
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