How long after quitting to feel 'normal'?

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How long after quitting to feel 'normal'?

Hi guys.

Well, Im a few days in to my quit now, and Im actually enjoying it.

The thing is I feel very 'foggy' and anxious.... and also VERY tired like i could sleep all day, and also VERY VERY hungry, like i just want to eat and eat, the jukier the food the better...

My question is this... hiw long does it start before one begins to feel a bit more normal???

Thansk guys.
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it Depends on How Much You Drank.. For How Long.. it Took Me Months To Feel OK After Years of Heavy Drinking.. Good Luck!
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Well, I'm on day eight. Let's see what I'm going through:

Food: Huge sugar cravings, I've eaten a raft of ice cream last week and my pants are tight. I just let it go because it was the least of my worries. I did go to the gym, and will continue that but today I'm ramping down the sugar intake. Now that I'm on week two my body could do without the sugar bombardment.

Sleep: Sleep is probably the most important thing we need at this point. I have great sleeping habits (go figure) and have slept like a rock all week. Sleep and water, all I want at this point.

Foggy? Hah! I felt clear as the mountain air for the first three days. Now every day I'm getting foggier. It just shows you how impaired we were. I expect to be foggy for weeks, if not months. I know it will clear, and for me it's a hopeful sign that I'm getting better!

So, just like 24hrsAday said, it depends on how long, how much, and also how your body can rebound. It took years to get in this shape, it takes your body months to get realigned.

Keep it up! You'll feel better every day.
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itll take quite some time to get the fog out, depended on how much you drank, how young you started, how long.

I know what u mean, im on day three im kinda highisch, hardly slept the first two nights, this night I slept like I never slept before. Felt like someone hit me with sticks or something though when I woke up.
I actually called sick today from work, this is the first time since I was a teenager I did this, it is very much against my principles, but staying clean is everything right now.

I know from experience that after the high comes the low, but this, like everything else in life will pass too and things wil straighten itself out. Ive been smoking weed for thirteen years (im 26 now) i figure itll take months or even years before im back in a healthy natural balance.

At least im making progress, each and every day again. My chronic state of boredom and not feeling emotions is slowly lifting, and thats a great start.

One day at a time. Each day we are making progress, altough sometimes we dont fully registre it.

keep it up!
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It's good you are enjoying it!

Take it easy. Take is slow. DON'T get discouraged! And, keep reading.

Welcome to SR.
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Hey Brit

I used to hate when people posted it takes as long as it takes...but it really does.

I started feeling less foggy, less tired, less hungry, after the best part of a week...but like people have said, it's different for everyone

Hang in there, be patient, stay sober and all will be well
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Originally Posted by KingsCross View Post
Huge sugar cravings, I've eaten a raft of ice cream last week and my pants are tight.

lol..... a raft huh? sounds about right.

I'm still working on the last of a Titanic of ice cream......and pie.
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Hi Brit -

There are the physical withdrawal symptoms and then the psychological ones.

It does get better, but your body needs the time to get itself chemically back in balance.

You might also be interested to read about PAWS: Post Acute Withdrawl - Relapse Prevention Specialists - TLC The Living Center

A program of recovery is what I needed to deal with both the physical and the psychological.
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i've done my almost
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I'm coming up on almost 6 months since my last drink and I still don't feel normal. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel bad and I haven't had a hangover in a while, but I don't feel great most days.

I'm off both physically and mentally, but getting better one day at a time.

I'm changing who I am and what I do to my body, so my idea of normal is changing.
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I drank for years, had a lot of resentments/shame, etc, etc... I was feeling pretty "normal" after about 8 - 9 months. I was sleeping pretty good and was mentally there much sooner... about a month or two...

Time will go by, the days will add up.... If you want to do this thing, it will happen, have faith

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I am on day 10 and I went from 128lbs to 134. I was soooo tired all day today. I FELT GOOD the first few days but now am gaining weight. I eat well salads,egg white omlets healthy stuff. I also don't know when things will get better. Does any one know? Is it the liver cleansing itself? Why is tiredness a symptom?
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6ish months for me.. some say it takes a good solid year for the body to heal..probably much longer for the mind. Make sure to get help for both!
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...than never
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Just completed eight weeks and I notice my physical strength and stamina are much better now. Mentally, still kinda anxious at times, but much better than during a hangover. One good thing is knowing that my 8 weeks sobriety cannot be taken away from me, it's mine forever. Keeps me going.
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Hey guys... thanks for all the encouraging messages, and to all of you who are going through the same - good luck and stay strong.

As for the 'how much and how long' question, thats tough to answer. Im 36 and Ive been abusing sunstances since I was 12. Started sniffing glue and progressed to weed, booze, acid, then Ecstacy (big here in the Uk obviously with the rave scene in the early 90's) then coke (which consumed me until 4 years ago) and all the while my booze habit grew and grew and grew. Ive never been a bottle of spirits a day guy, but there's been lots of days Ive drunk a bottle of spirits (if that makes sense??)

My maintenance level of drink is a few cans of beer a night (5% up to 9%) - and then in social situations much much more - depends on how much weed I smoke (the only thing that stops me going nuts on the booze).

Im basically NEARLY there with it... the coke nearly killed me, it was off the hook, I would think nothing of snorting half an ounce or more myself (and get like 5 hookers at the same time) so my financial and medical situation was getting pretty critical a few years ago... my goal was always to stop drugs, which I have, and I never ver worried about the booze ever.

For two years I drank A LOT, but in the last two years its really calmed down since i met my GF and we had baby, but I was still drinking daily though and drinking till i puked and drunk drove and things, so what seems like 'calm' to me is probably scary to someone else...

I know know I have a drink problem and I suspect that the drink opened a lit of doors to my other behaviours too... I am scared that as long as I drink, the door is open to go back to my old terrible ways, and also, I dont want to be drunk around my beautiful baby or girlfriend ever again and I want to live to see my daughter get married and graduate and all that imprtant amazing stuff.

I am at the end of my tether with it, its disgusting, and I dont intend to drink ever again....
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Originally Posted by brit28 View Post

I am scared that as long as I drink, the door is open to go back to my old terrible ways
Sometimes a little fear is a good thing!! Especially when it's justified... Good luck, keep posting..
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Hey guys!!

Well, Ive kept it up and I feel a mixture of crappy and brilliant.... crappy in that my mind is foggy, my body aches, my neuralgia I have in my face is off the hook (trying to avoid pain meds cos they suck me back in), starving all the time, have realised how bad my financial situation is....but brilliant in that ive had a few great days with my family, no hangover for a few, the one day at a time theory is working...

Thanks for all your support guys, its meant a lot. Im definitley going to stay posting and get to know more about you all and your stories and take inspiration, and hopefully one day i will be able to give somebody strength too...

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Good on you! Now on day 5 I feel I have moved through the puffy phase -- my body processing out that sugar that has been flowing through in the form of wine. Drinking a lot of water -- filling up three large water bottles in the morning and making sure they are empty by evening. As for feeling normal: When sober for a while (prior to this relapse) I noticed that I set a new normal -- more confident, more present. I liked that a lot ... So I have seen the promised land and am working to get back there!

Glad to hear you are doing well. Love those hang-over free days. Keep posting!
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For me its a couple of days. I immediately feel better the day after not drinking at all (probably because I don't have a hangover!) But I start to feel less bloated and less crap after maybe 4 or 5 days
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Keep hanging in there, brit! I found that I was feeling really good after a week, but am still noticing positive changes after almost 2 months. Not only that, but it's nice to start to tackle some of the things I ignored for years while drinking. I'd love to say I have no problems today, but I don't know anyone who can make that claim.

Sounds like you're doing great!
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For me the worst was over about 2-3 weeks. Could start to begin trying to feel normal again - if that makes any sense?? During that initial period it was just listening to my body.

Tired - Sleep.
Hungry - Eat. etc.

Nothing too complicated, just getting through that day.

Having people who know what it's like helped enormously as well - any question that pops up I could come straight on here and get an answer. Helps to not feel like you are doing it on your own.

I also made a promise to myself that I would come on and post before taking a drink. That's been really helpful.

Good luck!

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