From Alcoholic to Rich...

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From Alcoholic to Rich...

Hey Everyone!!

Happy day number 5 for me and going strong!!

I just thought that I would give everyone an interesting perspective on the financial aspects of alcoholism. I did an audit of my alcohol consumption to calculate how much I spent a year in drinking (i.e. Bars, Distributors, etc). Here's the figure I came up with for myself:

Yearly Consumption: $2,035.61
Monthly Consumption: $169.63
Daily Consumption: $5.58

Here are some figures that may shock you as they did me; if I invested the drinking money into the stock market instead of literally “pissing” it away:

05 years @ 10% $13,495.46
10 years @ 10% $36,634.66
15 years @ 10% $75,451.38
20 years @ 10% $139,678.32
30 years @ 10% $416,726.75

I hope that I have sparked some insight into my “former” problem.

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Holy cow!! And I think my daily concumption is aprox $10!!! WOW, thanks for another wake up call
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No problem...I'm glad I could help. That is definitely a good reason to stop drinking alone!! Not to mention the gain in health and clarity of mind. It's only been day 5 and I seem to be able to think and concentrate clearer.

Amazing!! Love being sober!!
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l don't think that if l had not been drinking the last 30 years , l would have 400.000 dollars in my bank.
l would have spent it on other rubbish...
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Very True Penny, but it's nice to dream ya know
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Day 5, amazing! Congrats. I need to pick a day and do it!! I think the weekend will be the hardest so I was thinking of starting on a Monday.
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In euros I easily spent 1k a month, probably 2k a month at my worst. Spent a large sum of money that I received from the sale of a relatives house when they died. Went on a few holidays (To drink in a different country) but the rest went purely on booze. Expensive Irish booze

Worth every penny if it let me get to this stage of my life a lot faster than it might have otherwise.

But yeah, I'm sure I would have found some other crap to spend it on otherwise!
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I have a feeling I'll have a lot more money.
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First, congrats on your five days!

Second...WHOA! Thanks for the financial reality check! I knew I was saving money by not drinking but I took a few to figure out how much and it's no wonder I've felt like I have so much money lately!!
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Living on a prayer
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I'm extremely early on, after relapsing for a long time. I figured up today, I was spending $260 a month on alcohol. I think I want to sock that money away for a nice sober vacation with my family this summer.
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Yeah but...
if it was in the stock market it would have gone anyhow..
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I spend at least 200 euro a week on booze. thats over 10000 euro a year to make me feel like ****. absolute joke.
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This was something I did as well. When I stopped drinking, I didn't get rid of my liquor bill. My liquor bill just became my monthly contribution to my 401k. I figured if I could still manage to pay the bottom line bills and still drink, then I could easily save most of the money. I will admit to buying a new TV. I don't use credit at all; and I couldn't if I wanted to!

It hasn't been all easy, there are unexpected things like lawyers and medical bills. But those are also things I would have neglected when I was drinking. I currently can't drive, so I save a ton of money there too.
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I like the math! I did the calculations for myself as well - talk. about. FINANCIAL. NIGHTMARE. good thing i DON'T have an accountant.

nice one on five days!! keep it up!!
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Im on day 5. Up until this point I spent 30 dollars a day on drink.
That's almost 11000 dollars a year.x 5 years....bad hey.
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