Good morning Monday

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Good morning Monday

2nd sober weekend for me spent saturday night watching some movies.Funny watching Regarding Hendry with Harrison Ford he was having a Becks with a friend and the trigger is right there one part of me says whats the harm in one beer and the sane part of me tells me one beer for you and you will drink 12.To hell with triggers I am not giving in been a good week for me sleeping good and feel 100%.Thank you all on this forum support is great.On to week two
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Great job on your first week! Just keep "playing the tape" in your mind. That first beer is the one that kills, because without that first one you never drink number 2, or 6, or 12. Always remember that it is, in fact, the 1 beer that begins the destruction.

Hope you have an awesome Week 2!
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Good morning and keep up the good work.
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Movies always make drinking look cool in some way. I'm assuming there's a product placement intent behind that fact. That and movies are made for the largest audience possible, which means people without drinking issues.

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