CarolD, Thanks!!

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CarolD, Thanks!!

Today is Carol's 21st sober anniversary!

Thank you for everything you do for all the members here at SR and for your strong support for the newbies.

And, thanks for all you give to me!
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thanks again Carol!

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Nice one on 21 sober years!!

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Woo hoo Carol!! You are a great inspiration to me. You always have an encouraging word and a message of hope. Thank you for all you do here. :ghug3
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congratulations miss carol,

and i thinks its safe to call you a wise elder now!

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Congrats, Carol on 21 years - an amazing inspiration!

Thank you for being here for us - your consistent presence and wisdom have meant so much to me!

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It can be done!
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Carol! 21 years, you rock.
Thanks for all your support and the kindness you show here.
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Carol! happy birthday.
thank you for all the work you put inn here at sr,and personal thanks for the help you have given me.
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That's so awesome Yippee!!!
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Congratulations Carol!!! That is just great! Love you and love following you around the gratitude boards. Thanks for all you do around here.
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Thanks do a grand job here.. an i love your smilies hehe...
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21 Years! That's awesome! Thanks for all of your time and support on these boards. It's a great help!
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Thanks for all you do here... Big congrats on 21 years. Awesome!
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Thanks for all you do.
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YAY CAROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you were one of the very first people to welcome me here. Thank you very much for all of your support here Carol. Congratulations and here's to many more great sober years ahead!!!!! 7
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Wow..what an acheivement.
You're an inspiration
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21 years is amazing! Considering all the people you've supported here over time, tho, I think you probably have 210 years racked up in good Karma! Congratulations!!

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