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Red face one week

May not seem much but tommorow one week sober I am happy been a good week thanks to all for support you have given me.I have noticed something i was very bloated one week ago and i can tell for a fact bloating is going.As I have said developed kidney probs by taking my paxil with beer how stupid combining antidepresants with a depresants.This may have been the cause dont know but I know this I am55 not 25 and the body cant take abuse anymore.Nothing like a health scare to make you get your life in order.I am completely of paxil now and alcohol.Prayer thank you Jesus for the support on this site bless the folk here and please help me to stay sober
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Good for you!

Staying sober is a very good thing to do for your health.
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Congrats, keep up the good work.
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congrats Joleah

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One week is great, congrats. Keep it up.
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Great job, Jo! One week is huge
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Congratulations Joleah! It ain't easy but it sure is worth it!!
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Congratulations, jo! A week is an awesome achievement.

Have you discussed the bloating issue with your dr? You're right - we're not getting younger and it's never too late to start taking care of ourselves.

P.S. I replied to your post to me yesterday re: books if you're interested.

Take care of you!
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thanks humblebee planning to go to chapters next week
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Joleah - Any day sober is big deal for me. I am proud of you and know all to well the dangers associated with taking pills and booze. I mixed an anti-anxiety med, anti-inflammatory med, lots of codeine with my alcohol binge last week so I know exactly how you feel about a health scare to pull it together. I am blessed to be here.

Looking forward to reading your posts on your progress. You have all of our support!!!
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congradulations joleah.....One week is awesome.
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