I am nuts!

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I am nuts!

Having a good day feel great. Beautiful day in Detroit MI. Then all of a sudden its like I start to have a feeling of worry come over me. Not a panic attack or severe anxiety, just a small worry. Can not figure it out. Not sure if I thought of something, cant remember. I wonder if I create things to worry about. I am not forgetting something. Oh well hope it passes soon. I am feeling good but I hate that little feeling.
I do not know.
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Hi Dean,

I have that happen too. I think it's generalized anxiety, meaning it's not about anything specific, but it's just there. You can try to distract yourself by doing something enjoyable and hopefully it will lessen. Exercise can help too.
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Thanks those terms sound very familiar now that they were mentioned. Just have a good day and happy to be sober.
Thanks its good to know that there is place like this.
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I know the feeling, as mentioned a walk & some positive thoughts can work wonders.

I have been working on a daily gratitude list that is helping me to see all of the positive things that I have going on and I can review it in times of stress/bad thinking (having my iPhone with me all of the time helps ;-)

Take Care Dean,

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I am nuts!
No you're not! YOu're in recovery where it's normal to feel a little 'nuts'. I feel that way too sometimes. It will pass.
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I have that problem too. Usually, something sets it off, then I worry about everything and get very tense. When I finally do start to relax, excess tension sorta jumps out; I start, or shudder, even though nothing has startled me. Freaks out my wife, sometimes.

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Try The Serenity Prayer Dean.....
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I'm not sure how much of that has to do with giving up drinking, because I tend to "find things to worry about" anyway. It's not necessarily out of a need to be dismal or cantankerous. Maybe I need to find problems to solve or at least grapple with. When I think of the experience of giving up drinking, it makes sense to me that one of the things people go through is this sudden fear out of the blue. I suppose it has to do with getting used to contending with issues with your own mental appartus -and with no accessories, like substances to abuse.

The free-floating anxiety being deferred and then released later is interesting.
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I feel your pain Dean as I had a few today and yesterday. When I tried to quit before I still had those every so often even a few months after quitting. They definitely lessen and are nothing like a panic attack but little pangs of anxiety. I compare them to the pop quiz and you didn't read the chapter feeling from school.

What I do are the breathing exercises and focus on pleasant things and yes I talk to myself so I am definitely a little nuts but hey it works.
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