300 days!

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300 days!

Just wanted to check in and let everybody here know what a blessing it is to live life sober. I spent 10 years as a daily drinker and the 20 before that as a weekly binge drinker. I thought for sure that I would die a hopeless drunk...but instead I had one moment of clarity and it literally saved my life. I can't imagine ever going back to that bondage again, but yet I know I'm always just one drink away.

Here's to another "one day at a time!"
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congrats FBL - that's great!

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You're coming up on a year FBL!
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Congratulations on 300 days of zero tolerance to beer FBL.
That's a wonderful achievement! (:
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Oh wow, I am so glad for you! Major congrats!
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well done
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Great post, thanks for the update!
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That's awesome..congrats to you!
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They do add up one day at a time! Keep it up!

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Awesome post!! Congratulations on 300 days sober!!

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Nice work! If I make it through today, it will be 7 days for me. I feel pretty good about that, so you should feel 42.86x better than me!

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Yayy!!! It is these words that inspire me to know I can one day get there too.

Thanks for sharing and yayy to the sober life
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Well done on your sober time FBL!!
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