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Her I go again Itry try try to give up I am sick to death of alcohol.It controls me anyone please give support day one tommorow of work for two weeks trying to get two sober weeks.Wish I had never took that first drink.
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Hi Joleah


I can certainly identify with how you're feeling - been there.
You'll find a lot of support here.

What have you tried to do to stop so far?
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Welcome! Post often, whether you're feeling great success, utter despair, and everything in between. This is a great place to be at any point in recovery. I love the people here at SR!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Glad to know you are going to make a new start
.....Welcome to our recovery community
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Welcome to SR! :ghug3 And welcome to a better sober life. It takes a lot of effort to stay sober but the rewards are worth the work.

I'm glad you found us and joined the family.
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Even if alcohol were as harmless as water, that feeling of constantly battling with myself over trying to quit was enough for me to condemn the stuff. It takes so much out of you, fighting with yourself like that. I think, more than anything, I wanted to quit just to move past THAT.

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Welcome to SR. I relapsed and oh yes just a few days ago was saying the same exact thing. Now I am going through the withdrawal alone but I actually am not. I post here with others who are also at this stage and others sober for years. It is a journey but taking this first step is truly the hardest. You are coming to terms with what you have been with alcohol in your life and truthfully living the sober life is so amazingly great. I am having a really rough time and I tell you it is harder then when I first quit before. I just slipped and thought I could handle it to take the edge of my nerves and I have caused so much more damage now to friends, family and most importantly myself.

Yayy....for having the courage to change your life. Just post whenever you can. That has truly been my saving grace. SR understands what we go through and I couldn't find anyone in my own personal life who can relate the way we do on SR.

Huggs and congrats on your road to sobriety!!

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had enough

Made it thru Saturday but I always start out good its usualy abou 3 days in when I start thr real battle usualy I argue with myself usual crap just have 6 cans on saturday no harm in that then of course why not buy 6 tall cans for couple dollars more and keep two for sunday then of course that leads to 6 cans on my day of etc etc etc I am sick sick sick and tired of this battle.I cant drink at all.To embarrest to go to AA could never tell my wife (who dosnt drink and used to live with an alcoholic father who she lost respect for because of his drinking).OK on two day 2 sunday of to church with my ,I dont have a care in the world face my I have it together face,If only the lovely people at my church knew the hypocrite that sits next to them.Had enough of this had enough of this constant inner battle.Alcohol is a curse indeed keep me in your prayers and please support....................................Hamish
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Thanks for posting, and good job making it through Saturday. It may not seem like much, but it's a day you didn't drink and you can be proud of yourself for that.

Today's another day, but you've still got the strength to do the same as you did yesterday. Post here like you have done, read other people's posts, go to the chat room, ring the AA helpline, read a book, take a nap, do whatever it takes; the only thing that matters Right Now is that you don't have that first small drink.
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Welcome to SR! You will find much support here. I echo AlbaStar's suggestions above... do whatever it takes, don't take that first drink and keep posting and reading. You're not alone.
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welcome and good luck -keep coming back
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