Hi Everyone! Day 14

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Hi Everyone! Day 14

Hello everyone! As I'm writing, it's the tail end of Friday night. Tomorrow will be day 14 of sobriety for me! I had done a 21-day treatment back in November and was sober for 5 months, but then relapsed 3 weeks ago. I checked myself into a 10-day treatment and was discharged yesterday. Tomorrow, April 10th, would've been my dad's birthday. Losing him to cancer two years ago played a huge part in my earlier drinking. I have major, unresolved grief issues that are typically big triggers. However, I'm too proud of my two weeks to let the grief get to me. I'm staying with my mom so we can keep each other company (and so I can be in a safe, sober environment).

I just wanted to say hello to the community here since I'm having a little trouble falling asleep. It's been a while since I've slept in my room at my parents' house

When I wake up tomorrow, nice and sober, I think I'll join the April group. My sober date is March 28th, but since I didn't get back out into the real world, with its liquor stores, bars, and parties, until just yesterday, I think the April group would be more appropriate for me.

I start out-patient after care on Monday. M-Th, 6-9pm. I live close enough to walk to it! So, no excuses!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys sometime tomorrow.

One day at a time.

Oh yeah, BTW, "WhiteWave" is one meaning of "Jennifer". I'm Jennifer, and I'm an alcoholic.

Bye for now!
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Thanks for joining us, Jennifer. Great work on your 2 weeks and good luck with your sobriety!
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Welcome to SR! Congrats on your two weeks sober. I'm glad you joined our recovery family.
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Congrats on two weeks, Jennifer, and welcome to SR!
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Welcome, Jennifer!

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Welcome, Jennifer! Congrats on your start to a new life!
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Thank you everyone!

Today has gone very well so far. I've been spending time with my mom (we went and filed my taxes - getting something back! Whoo hoo!), and have been feeling generally content. I'm really glad to be here rather than alone. I'm sure my dad is happy for us. Thinking about that makes me feel really nice - no grief right now.

Going to nap now. Snacking w/mom later, then hopefully spending the night with my partner/boyfriend at his place.

Thanks again for the warm welcome!
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Hi Jennifer,

I'm glad you found us and I'm sure that your Dad is very proud of the work you're doing.
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Welcome Jennifer!

Your posts brought a smile to my face - thank you. I love the joys of sobriety - waking up clear-headed, spending the day with family, taking refreshing naps.

I lost my Dad to cancer too (and shortly after, my Mom too). I was drinking at the time and still continued to for a number of years afterwards.

I'm sure your Dad is so proud of your recovery as is mine. What an awesome birthday gift to him and an amazing gift you've given yourself.
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Congratulations on 2 weeks Jennifer

Good to have you aboard with us.

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Sorry about your loss of your Dad. My Dad is gone too. Stroke. Sad.

Glad to hear about your sobriety.

The ice cream truck is tempting me...and I think will go get a Toasted Almond in his honor! His fave.

I am sure your mom was glad to have your company. I like the name WhiteWave. I stayed at a B&B called the White Wave Inn. I will now think of you next time. And it will be my first time sober there!

Welcome Jennifer. And again...I am very sorry for your loss.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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I replied to you on our April thread before I noticed this.
Hope the link I left there for you helps.

Sorry to know you lost your Dad....but it's good you and
your Mom can find some comfort and peace together.

Welcome again Jennifer...
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