9 Months!!

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Wow 9 months!

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Wow Neo. That's amazing. Congratulations on your persistence and great posts to this forum. You rock!

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Great job Neo! Have an awesome day!
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Way to go!!!
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Congrats, Neo! You're an inspiration, keep it up
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Thankyou so much to all of you for your wonderful messages of support and encouragement. It was a great start to my evening. Finishing work and then getting home to read all of the wonderfully supportive and inspiring messages.

Thankyou SR for being there for me. Off to an AA meeting now.

Peace and Love
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congrats my brutha....i hope you forever stay 2 months ahead of

great work. isn't it great??? woohoo for you!!!
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Good man Neo, keep up the good job!
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Congrats on 9 months Neo!!! That is Awesome!!!
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Hey Neo,

Few days late but wanted to send a BIG congratulations!! For all of your trials in sobriety, you have made it to 9 months, and that keeps us who are <9 sober hope that, despite the challenges, long-term sobriety is there for us if we hang in there. So THANK YOU for your posts, and one more time, a massive congratulations! 9 months? That is HUGE!!

Nice one, mate.
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