Roll Call: Triple Digit Clean Time(days of course)

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Nice one on 100 days!

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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Well done! 100 days is a great accomplishment.

450 days for me.
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210 glorious wonderful days....woohoo for me.

every day gets better than the day before.
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135 days for me.

Congrats, Augustwest, on your 100!!
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Congratulations to all of you triple digiters!!!!!!!
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Congrats to all! 857 days for me!


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Just broke 101 days! It's 2am, so this is technically the 101st day. What a rush!

I love my life. I love my sober life!!! This is serious as a heart attack. This is like turning into a vampire; this is something I can never undo. 2010 is the best year I have had in a decade, and sobriety is the reason!!

Congratulations to everyone on here! And shouldn't we be seeing HumbleStudent up here? Knock knock, Humble!
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This is like turning into a vampire; this is something I can never undo.
a reverse vampire maybe - one who gives, not sucks?
an un-undead?

LOL. Congrats to all of you triple digit guys
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Way to go! (110 here!)
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105 days for me!!!! Congrats to all of you in the triple digits!
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248 Halle-fricken-lujah!
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Congrats on your Century, August and the triple-digits!
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Follow Directions!
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Congrats to everyone, 24 hours is a BIG deal for an alcoholic, every thing beyond that and the day we are in at the moment are major accomplishments!

I have 1,297 days, but it was not done by me alone, it was done with the power granted me on a daily basis by a higher power of my choosing & understanding, my AA compadres and all of you SR folks as well. Thanks to you all for helping me to stay sober today.
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656 days, today! How fun to check it out....thanks for the thread. What a Great Way to start a Wednesday!
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