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Smile thanks to everyone

Just want to say thanks to everyone who has made me feel so welcome on here and in chat.I was having a bit of a wobble yesterday but just being able to chat and have a bit of a laugh made all the difference.I believe I found this place just in time.Still trying to find my way about the site tho, so be patient with me.5 days today,think i am starting to get the hang of one day at a time. Thanks Guys an Gals u really do rock!!
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jencee congrats on your sober time!!! When we boild it down that is the only way to do it.......... one day at a time, one hour, one minute if need be, of course working on changing that person that we were is a HUGE part of recovery because if we stay the same person that used then we will return to drinking again.
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I'm glad we can be of help to you!
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Dear Jencee,

It's really nice to read your message - I'm also a newcomer here and understand how you feel. Easter weekend was a tough one for me as it was my 1st 'sober' one since I can remember! I feel so good for getting through it and am seeing things from a fresh new perspective now! I agree that Soberrecovery is giving us great support

Hope you have a lovely day and week ahead !!

Warmest wishes,

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hi almath, when i first came on i thought no way was i going to post but found its a relief to actually say some things out loud(as it were).Thanks for replyin and i'm glad for you that you have made it thru the hols sober.Look forward to chatting to you thanx
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Hi Jencee,

I'm glad you feel welcome and comfortable here.

We do understand how hard it is to seek support, so I'm glad you're looking around here.
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Hello Jencee and Almath,

Congratulations on your decision to take your life back.

It really is helpful to [type] talk out loud about feelings and emotions while adjusting to this new and awesome way of life. It eases the burden of carrying it on our shoulders so type-talk away anytime! We've all been there...

When I first got sober, it was to make the horrendous physical and emotional pain go away - it was unbearable. Along the way, I began to really like the person I was becoming so I decided to keep her

I still grow and learn something new every day and it's amazing.
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Good to have you with us Jencee - you too Almath

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Glad you're here and its helping you. You help us too.
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