starting fresh

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starting fresh

beginning a new life, wanting to put an end to all the pain... will heal over time, no doubt in that, just looking for friends that can "relate", and be there for me when i need somewhere to turn, because at this point i am so lost. I lost my way so long ago... i know you all can/do, and i appreciate your support,
ty for listening
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Welcome back, C. Do you have a new plan?
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome back ....
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ty for the welcome I actually was going to make a new s/n for myself b/c i was very ashamed of my past behaviour here on the board, I was very immature, and was in a deep depression, and lost in a world of drug abuse. Then I decided i needed to "step up to the plate" and come back to let you all know that I am back, still here, standing strong, and am still workin' the struggle of life, but tredging right on through. I am hoping to make some friends here, i know you can all relate, and I will appreciate any and all advise that i recieve.
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Welcome back C
I think it's the right decision to come back as 'you'.

What's your plan?
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Welcome back!
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well i am in an outpatient program right now, have been there 4 months, since Nov... Had a relapse at the end of November on cough med. was put in the hospital, very serious stuff... then, was being prescribed ritalin, for ADD, but was abusing the script (not taking any longer) then Feb. 17 i abused it for the last time, and have been clean ever since, so now, i have 43 days of true sobriety, and know i will never be in that place ever again.
Sick, sick, sick
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Hi Crzy! I remember you from last time I was here! I just came back too! April Fool's Day is my sobriety date!
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Hi crzylilmndfreak, I too just go back to SR glad your back to....I am also in a out patient program along with AA it really helps with the isolation problem I had. hope to hear more from you. :ghug3
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