Asking for prayers today

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Prayers for you and your doggie. Glad his sugar test was better today. Heartfelt hugs to you and your pup too. A very lucky pooch to have such a loving mom.
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Happy for you!:ghug3
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Sending healing beams for you and your beloved dog. I know how much our animal companions mean to us, and my heart goes out to you.
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..your friend will be to you,Least...Oz

..(trust me)...
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(((((((((())))))))))))))) hope puppy is ok.
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bona fido dog-lover
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Diabetic boy's urine sugar this morning upon awakening (12 hours after his last shot) was negative!! He isn't showing the symptoms of high sugar that he was for the last few days and I am so VERY VERY happy for him.

Thank you all, again and always, for your prayers. I put my worries in God's hands and he came thru for my little dog. What a wonderful way to wake up!
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Happy for you and furkid. What a relief.
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WOW- that is great news my friend. I said another prayer last night for you and your pup. I am sitting with mine - all 3 - right now and was thinking about you.
Love and Peace
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Im sorry for your diabetic dog not doing well. If you choose to do so, please email me privatly as I have some ( proven ) ideas for you to at least look into.
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Best to you, least. I credit my little dog for helping me stay sober Hope things work out. You are a blessing to many of us here.
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Checking in to see how your baby is doing?
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bona fido dog-lover
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I just tested him again and it was positive this time. I'm praying hard that he gets better and starts testing negative again.
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(((Least))) - I came on late to this thread, and by the time I read it he was already testing negative, but I've been including him in my prayers and will continue to do so. As you know, my cat Elvis is sick and diabetes was one of the things I'd thought me may have had (instead, it's feline leukema and AIDS).

I always have a long list of prayers, but say special ones for all the furbabies and feathered friends of my friends here at SR. Funny, I usually don't know their names, but I'm sure God knows who I'm talking about

Hugs and prayers!

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dopeless hope fiend
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<<<<good vibes for your doggie>>>>
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Keeping up the prayers for your sweet dog and for you, least

Hope you'll keep us posted...
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Sorry hunny, just saw this thread.
Will be praying for him and sending healing thoughts your way xxxxx
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Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. Just checked him and he was negative! I'm hoping he'll stay that way.
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Least: Hugs and big prayers for you and your dog. I love my canines. YOu know that already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Keeping the little guy (and you!) in my thoughts and prayers Least. I wonder if any of the natural remedies that help humans lower their blood sugar would help? Fenugreek is one I know is inexpensive, might be worth researching??? (hugs)
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I've tested his urine four times since Sunday evening and he's been negative all four times. Thank you again for your prayers and good thoughts. I really hope he's 'turned the corner' and will continue to test negative and show more signs of good health. I hate diabetes!! What a horrible disease it is.
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