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On April 11, i will have 1 full year of sobriety. I have been tested in every way this past month. My wife is in the hospital for being bipolar, and she gets out this friday. I have had a hard time working a full day at work. It is really been the most difficult month of my life.
But, i go on vacation to Florida next week, where i can decompress.

I do the twelve steps and go to AA as much as i can. I haven't been able to get to many meetings in the last month, though. Only 2 of them.

I call my friends as much as possible that are in the program.

I am definitley glad i am sober. My life is awesome, now that i don't have to work in drinking in everything i do.
I even went to see Megadeth- sober!!! It was awesome! What was shocking was this- i didn't see anyone there that drank like i did. Spending the entire night going back and forth for drinks.
Also, people in their 50's still jump in the mosh pit!!!
I am 42, but i coudn't get close enough or i would have done the same thing!!!
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Congrats and hugs on your upcoming year!
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That is awesome!
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Congratulations fenster67!

That is WAY cool.

I have always said "My real life didn't start until I was in the program!" It can be a lot of fun!

And, I will be praying for your wife. Bipolar is serious. As long as she seriously wants to get better, I believe the prognosis is good.
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Thats great stuff, thanks for sharing...go AA
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That is awesome that you are coming up on one year. And I am sorry to hear about your wife. I have a friend who was diagnosed bipolar. It took them a while to adjust the meds for her, but once they got what worked for her, life got a lot better for her and her partner.

Enjoy your vacation in Florida deserve it!
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Dude that is awesome You are an inspiration
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Way to go Fenster

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That's great, Fenster!
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AA is alive and well in Florida
make a plan to check it out.
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Really Impressive!!
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