Cried my eyes out at the vet this morning

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Your mousie poem made me cry! It's beautiful.


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You are a good mama, S. Having to go through what you had to do today shows immeasurable strength, and selflessness. Give yourself a big hug for me.. this kinda stuff really sucks!
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(((least))) sorry for your loss

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(((Least))) - I'm so sorry, sweetie. I know how much you love your furbabies and you are a good mama.

I cried when I read your poem, too....what a beautiful tribute.

Love, hugs and prayers!

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I'm really sorry hun to read about your kitty
I'm sending you hugs
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Eternal optimist
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Sending hugs least -- I had a similar experience recently when I had to put down Jack my daughter's cat. He had my heart like no other kitty. It tore me up and I also felt guilty when I signed the papers. But I know it was was necessary. I still get choked up about it. I hope your other furry friends help you through the grief.

(oh, and I enjoyed the poem as well, just beautiful)
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You gave him a good life, Least.
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Last week I did the very same thing. Me and the cat took our last ride to the vet.
Yes it is very painful and it's not fair to us. But it's not about us when it comes to this.
Sometimes one of the greatest acts of love we can show our pets is to relieve them of the suffering that they are going through yet can't express. That's a luxury that nature doesn't provide them.
I know it's difficult to believe that you did a good thing. But you did.
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((Tears and hugs for you my friend))
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(((Least))) I'm so sorry.
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Sorry for you having to go through that. It's hard to do, even knowing it's the right thing. Take care and be strong.

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and that kitty passed on being cared for, and loved,

what else could anyone ask for.
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I am so sorry for you, but thank God you were that beautiful creature's mama. The world is a better place, as I said before, when there are caring and loving souls like yours in it. (((Least)))
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I had to stop reading the posts here because they were making me cry.

Least, I am sorry for your loss.

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We had to put our cat down a couple of weeks ago, it was rough. My daughter got him when she was 2. She is away at college and we tried to help him hang on until the weekend when she could get home, but he just couldn't make it. He once weighed 21 lbs. at the end he was about 7 lbs., we had a lot of tests done but couldn't figure out what was wrong. It was difficult but he is no longer suffering.

Good for you for not drinking to comfort yourself on your loss.
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Thinking of you.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Sorry for your loss...but I'm proud you really
did the kindest final act of love for him.
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Awwww, tons of hugs for you. Sorry for your losing your furry family member.
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~ still a believer ~
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This kind of depressing event used to send me to the bottle but not anymore
that's simply huge right there.
My heartfelt condolences to you least.

I couldn't even imagine right now.......
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