It's totally possible to become insane like me.......

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It's totally possible to become insane like me.......

Now mind you all, this was NOT my goal, but I am really, really, really sucking it up, stepping up and doing "whatever it takes........"

I officially have two jobs now, school (Algebra, and it SUCKS!!!!) and of course my wonderful, sweet 9 yo (he'll be 10 next month ) and I'M DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new other job is working in a flower shop. Since moving to my new place I really need extra income, my little slice of heaven (still how I feel about my new place) I'm willing to keep doing what I'm doing. Besides, working in a flower shop, while still "work", is also fun and creative at the same time, I really love it and the time FLIESSSS while I'm there.

I am looking for just a regular full time job in the process of this all, that pays what I NEED to pay my bills, so for now it's going to be two part time jobs, lot's of studying and just keep going.

Dang..........I'm really proud of myself which just goes to show you that, struggling, drunk, depressed, hopeless, alcoholic, despaired, tired, anxious, scared, sot, useless, lushes can turn it all around. Someone who didn't do a THING without alcohol CONSTANTLY in her system and not being able to stop.

If you could have even seen what I was like almost 3 years ago, this would probably floor you. It floors me. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Ok, so what if I'm tootin' my own horn???
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I SAY, TOOT AWAY!!! You fullly deserve it!

Congratulations on everything - the jobs, the school, and the familial bonding that you are doing.

Best wishes for success!
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Vegi, I'm glad to hear that!
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Toot, vegibean, toot!
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Great message Vegi! Thanks. You are something girl!! Something good.
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You SHOULD be tooting your own horn! Excellent, Veggi! You go, girl!
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Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. You deserve it...Let me help.

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Well Tooted C

I'm so pleased all is going well for you! :bounce

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Who wouldn't toot for themselves after being sober for 3 years
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Follow Directions!
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Vegie, you are doing great and I'm glad you're managing things, with all that's going on in your life! Good for you!
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"Be your own biggest cheerleader"

Now who did I get that slice of wisdom from?!!

Glad you're doing well. Peace and Love xxx
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I'm so happy to read your story! Not that you're insane but that your attitude about it is rolling! Thanks for the ray of light!

Wow, the flower shop job sounds wonderful but math? ALGEBRA?? My beret is off to you!

Much love,

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inspirational, this brought tears to my eyes. thanks.
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Originally Posted by NEOMARXIST View Post
"Be your own biggest cheerleader"

Now who did I get that slice of wisdom from?!!

Glad you're doing well. Peace and Love xxx
Tee hee hee........
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