Who do you think you are?

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Who do you think you are?

keeping grounded and down to earth are crucial qualities for allowing sobriety to thrive.

In drinking and drug binges there was no 'status'. The only common goal was to help each other to get more f*cked up untill the point was reached where I would turn to my mates and shake their hand and smile and proclaim "I'm F*cked".reassuring nods of agreement would go round the room and another drink poured and another line racked up. Gradually went downhill from there.

In sobriety it is important to remember also that an alcoholic is still an alcoholic and a drug addict still a drug addict. It doesn' matter if your a banker earning 100000 or a tramp on a park bench, the crux of it is still the same when all of the smokescreen is cleared away. get over yourself and admit the truth...

peace x
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