bdiddy has 4 months! :)

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bdiddy has 4 months! :)

Congratulations, my friend! :)

I am SO, SO proud of you and your hard work and dedication!

Here's to many, many more! :) :) :)
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Congrats and hugs on reaching four months!!
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Hugs and prayers!

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Red face

one day at a time . one foot in front of the other it is real simple.

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Congratulations Bdiddy! My head is spinning with all the celebration around here. This is only part of the reason I love coming here.
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Congrats B... keep on going you're doing something right... ((hugs))

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well done on 4 months!!
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Looking forward to reading many more posts of your jounery.
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Thank you so much everyone! I didn't even see this post yesterday. Breakfree just had to log in and give me a shout out. That girl is so amazing. She has taken a step back from SR for awhile and hasn't logged in for a month or so. But she did this for me. My heart is so grateful for her, and all of you for helping me along the way. Thanks again, and one day at a time.
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Great news, bdiddy! I remember at around 4 months I started to feel really great - the fog had lifted and I wasn't sorry for myself anymore. Onward and upward you go!
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BreakFree.....sooo good to see you here, hope all is well with you!

Way to go has been wonderful to see your progress!
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That's awesome, Brent!! Very happy for you!!! And nice to see you here, Breakfree....
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4 months is absolutely utterly and incomparably HUGE! Major congrats on your massive 4 month milestone!! That is some major league powerful stuff - keep it up!!
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grats to you on 4 months
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