1st Day Sober

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1st Day Sober

today is my first day sober, hopefully forever, i have been drinking heavily for almost a year. i dont think i am going to get much sleep tonight, i feel a little antsy but i feel like i can actually think and i know i won't wake up with wine all over my carpet . i visit the forum but mainly when i was drunk, i am spending a lot of time reading the forum and am really hoping i can stop. one day at a time!
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Hello RR423, glad to see that you made the decision to become sober. I'm a new comer too. My last drink was last tuesday. From what I have read, people recommend that if you are going to detox that it would be wise to consult a doctor. Other than that, I recommend that you read the recovery stories section on here. I have read all of the first two pages in that section. While reading it, I felt like I connected with every story. One day at a time buddy.
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exactly one day at a time makes it feel managable, i'll take a look at the recovery stories, good luck to you too!!
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I drank fairly heavy the past 6-7 years or so. My first 2 weeks(especially the weekends) were very tough. After I got though that it has been relatvely easy(some cravings and thoughts of "just one" here and there) to get to where I am now which is day 65.

Good luck to you!
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Welcome rr423,

Good for you on day one. It could be the one of the most important days of your life. SR is a great place to be on such a day.

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Continue, repeat, go to meetings, go to sober recovery. Be Dry, be great and be yourself clean and clear with a sober mind.
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Welcome to SR.
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Everyday that each of us remain sober has to be a good day!

Welcome and wish you the best wishes for your journey.
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Today is day 3 yesterday was the worst so far, headaches but today i feel not too bad, feel better already! i seem to be eating a lot more at night where i usually drank and drinking tons of water.
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Hi and Welcome,

You've made a great decision to stop drinking and I'm glad you found us.
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Hi and welcome
Glad you're having a better day today x
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Welcome to SR and congratulations on your 3 days of sobriety. You are on a good road.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Glad you are seeking sobreity
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Welcome to SR! Keep us posted on how you are doing. You'll find lots of support and kind folks here: use it to your advantage!
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Made Day 7, Today is technically day 8 its 2 am , its been easier than i thought but i still think about having a beer.
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Wow...well done on 7 days or 8!!
I too am on day 8 and despite having a couple of horrible nights at the weekend, I'm very happy to be sober and clear headed on this Monday morning!
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RR... Welcome to the forum part, and congrats on taking that step into sobriety and the 7/8 days.

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RR, after 2 or 3 weeks, you might notice yourself saying to yourself, "Hey, I got this far and didn't think about it" or "How did this time go by with no problem?" If that happens, then just embrace it and repeat the following day. As strange as it sounds, I can remember being satisfied with myself for getting exasperated or even being grumpy "all on my own" (in other words, no drinking to follow it). I guess it's a way of being good to myself to take satisfaction in experiencing something positive or negative without wanting to drink, because there's no friendship with alcohol or a drug. Whatever keeps me feeling steady, without it, is the way to go for me.
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Keep up the good work RR!
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Hi RR423, I'm new to these forums and to being sober too. I didn't drink at all last week but on Friday night, as I sat with some friends, they said I was making them uncomfortable by not drinking (I know, I know) and I gave in and had one glass of wine (a lot less than my typical 4 - 6) so today I start again. I am re-dedicating myself to being healthy and fit which should be a good idea since I'm a part time fitness trainer
Stay focused and let us know if you need to talk or anything.
Take care.
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