I was wrong!

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I was wrong!

I started a thread last week saying how much I hated my first AA meeting.
Last night I attended a meeting at another place, and it was great!
I just wanted to say this just incase I put anyone off AA.
The meeting I went to last night was friendly, informative, and a lot of fun, the jovial banter was flying around!
I'm actuallly looking forward to my next meeting
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Good for you Walken. Not every meeting is great, but if you listen enough, you'll be able to pick out some really great things in every single meeting. Keep coming back. You're not alone
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Congrats on finding a good group. AA meetings are like people - some you like, some you don't.
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Thats great news man!

Man when i first put the bottle down i would swing between love and hate emotions all the time, i met this great guy in AA and we became really good friends and still are now but i remember in the first 2 weeks of my sobriety he said something to me i didn't like and that was it i made my mind up i was never talking to him again and i was done!!!! The next day i'm sitting with him having a coffee and a great giggle as usual thinking wow he's such a good friend...

Don't be hard on yourself and remember you are going to be finding a balance and having all sorts of feeling and emotions that you are not sure what to do with...but it does get a load easier...don't trsut yourself too much right now and keep heading down to meetings and letting us know how you get on...

Your only responsibility at the moment is to you and your sobriety:-)
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Glad you will be returning.
Thanks for your positive update.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I am so glad you perservered and went to find another meeting.
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Hello Walken ~

The same thing happened to me - it took a few different meetings to find the right one(s).

"Keep coming back, it works - Don't go away, it works even better."

Glad you found a special place to call home (group).
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That's great, Walken!
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Congrats sounds like you may have found a 'home group' as well!
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