Who are real friends are...

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Who are real friends are...

one of my so-called friends text me today asking for a "huge, huge favor". I did not respond. She sent another text asking "please, oh please" could I pick her up, she was stranded somewhere and just wanted to get home. Well, I know from experience and having picked her up several times @ 7am, her unable to drive, me meeting her for only one reason really, that this was not a good idea. I responded with a "I can't. Sorry." She wrote back that she would pay me in cash or popsicles.

I'd like to know where she was over the past nearly three weeks while I was hardcore detoxing and sick as a dog. Nowhere near me. She was out using and getting mucked up.

Some friend.

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Hard truths, but glad you took it the way you did. Heartbreaking when we realize those we thought were caring were using us. I've been there. Sorry!
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Recovery is full of facing truths that we were unable to see before.

Sometimes that is painfully hard.

But, it is necessary for us to grow.
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you did the right thing....and if you are angry...just ask her where she was while you were in pain and could have used a friend? seeing what her answer is will reinforce your decision.
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In the past,.....those kind of friends only hung around when I had a frig full of beer. But when I was in a pinch no one was ever around.
Those kind of people aren't friends,........I soon realized that to stay clean and sober I had to have clean and sober friends.

It's hard to fly like an Eagle,.........if your sur-rounded by Turkeys.
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I've been on this Earth 50 years, and am only now learning the difference between true friends who have my back and will be there for me, and... parasites. It's painful to come to the understanding that someone you thought was a true friend was in reality, just a parasite, someone living off of, and using you. As long as you were of use to them, they were your best bud, once you were of no use to them, they are no where to be found.... Sigh... But, looking at it in a positive light, it's like separating the wheat from the chaff. Far better to have a few close, true friends, than a bunch of "hanger on'ers".
You handled it well!
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