Why is this comforting?

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Why is this comforting?

I don't know why but there is some comfort in knowing I share a history of alcoholism with someone I thought I had nothing in common with. It always makes me feel like a worthless, terrible excuse for a person, who nobody would love, who would always fail... I just found out a girl I went to high school with is also in recovery.. she was our valedictorian, homecoming queen, class president for four years and voted most likely to succeed. I was probably one of the least popular people in my school! It's weird isn't it?
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It is weird, and I think it's good to recognize that people are not always what they 'seem' to be. The girl who appeared to have everything going for her, may have been miserable inside.
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it's so easy to have a mindset of "The grass is always greener on the otherside of the fence" ie- someone else is much happier/doing much better. I think this type thinking characterises many alcoholics/addicts.

In 'recovery' my thinking truly has changed dramatically, in that I genuinely feel like I am a completely different person to who I was beofre I got properly sober. I used to 'project' my thinking terribly and it caused me nothing but more drinking/drug binges and sadness and pain.

Things are often not what they seem. As long as you are contented and peaceful in what you're doing then nothing/nobody else really matters does it?

Incidentally I was one of those who was tipped to do great things when I was 14/15/16. Maybe I will now that I am sober but only if I keep sober One day at a time. I used to beat myself up terribly about how I had messed up my life but now I just 'live in the solution and not in the problems'

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Everyone has "something"
Your "something" happens to alcohol..
l have seen worse..
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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It's true....alcohol disrupts many lives regardless of external situations.
It's true.....recovery can benefit those very same people...

Glad both of you are now heading into the riht direction
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