10 Days :)

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10 Days :)

Its been 10 sober days for me....haven't been sober this long since about 5-6 years ago, haven't been sober for more then 3 days in those 5-6 years either (except when I got very sick and didnt drink for 5 days).

I haven't been posting much, but i've been on this site every night, reading other peoples posts and getting advice from other responses and for motivation not to give up

Hardest few days have definitely been the last 3....snow storm + being able to sleep late the next day usually equals me getting blacked out drunk while enjoying the snow...but nope, not this time.

It's definitely been tough at times..feel like I have to go buy a bottle, bu so far i've been able to stop myself. Been trying to find things to do at night to avoid hitting the bottle and its been working.

Wish me luck guys to keep it up and thanks! :ghug3
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Congrats Hockey, especially that you managed to not drink for three 'boring' and alcohol friendly days! BIG MAN!
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Congrats on ten days sober! Keep staying sober, one day at a time!
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Congratulations on reaching the double digits!
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way to go HF!

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Gotta say your screen name caught my attention, been watching alot of Olympic hockey!! Glad you are doing well. Are you using any kind of support other than the help provided here? You might want to give some meetings a shot, lots of support there. Keep in touch here. Take care.
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Congratulations!! This is just the beginning of a great new start... Hang in there, keep posting!
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Just wanted to say welcome, and congrats on a wonderful start! Just keep putting one foot in front of the step at a time, and before you know it your life will start to open up to clarity.
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Congratulations Hockey.
I found the first few weeks the hardest until I developed healthier patterns of living.
You are doing great.
The urges to drink will start to diminish.
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