Does anyone else's brain try to talk you in to drinking

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My greatest enemy seems to be my own brain which tells me "have a drink, just to unwind! relieve all the buildup of stress of this crazy world we all live in! I can control it"
My dilema is that sometimes I can control it when I am out,(as overconcerned about what others are thinking) but can NEVER trust myself ALONE with wine as then the compulsion TRULY kicks in.
You are so right Dee when you have said even taking a little alcohol opens the door to eventually being back to drinking alcoholicly.....
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Read this from the Big Book:

Big Book Quote
"But there was always the curious mental phenomenon that parallel with our sound reasoning there inevitably ran some insanely trivial excuse for taking the first drink. Our sound reasoning failed to hold us in check. The insane idea won out. Next day we would ask ourselves, in all earnestness and sincerity, how it could have happened."
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Dunno....but I played that game for 30 years. So grateful not to have to do it anymore.

Welcome to SR.
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