Fighting Urges

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Fighting Urges

How do you fight your urge to drink?
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I think that most urges to drink do not last very long, so distracting yourself can really help.

Listen to some music, go for a walk, call someone, play with your pet - whatever works.
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why the heck do I try convince myself that I want to drink when I really don't want to.
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for me i don't fight the urge. i just get to an AA meeting, call my sponsor, or call another sober AA member. trying to fight the urge by myself never worked. ugggh.
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I fight the urge by remembering where it will take me: back to that black hole of misery and sickness. And yes, the cravings don't last forever. Distracting myself with something happy usually helps me get thru it. The longer I'm sober, the fewer cravings/urges I get, and the ones that do come are more easily dismissed for the lies they are.
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I have a list of what good can come from me drinking and what bad will come from me drinking. The list points to the FACT that drinking will lead to a bad conclusion.
Whenever I get the urge to drink I read the list and if it hasn't gone away I reread it.
I can't remember the last time I got an urge. The urges must think " Oh mo, not that flippin list again." :rotfxko
This is what works for me.
Another good idea is to come here and post and people will talk you out of it.
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When I had urges - not so many anymore- I thought about where drinking led me. Blackouts, stupid behavior etc... This was enough to put an end to the urge.
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Originally Posted by coffeeclub View Post
why the heck do I try convince myself that I want to drink when I really don't want to.
If you're an alcoholic, like me, that's why. It's simple - I am alcoholic.

My solution to life (alcohol) has now become my biggest problem. I am sick and I have sick thoughts, like drinking, even though I'm aware of all the problems drinking has caused me.

Some, including myself, would even call these insane thoughts. So what does that make me?

How long have you been sober? What program are you working?
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