Day 1, again

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Day 1, again

Hi, i am new to this website. I am attempting to quit drinking, again. I have been battling it for years. Pretty much over the past 4 its been a full on, outpatient, AA., dui... lost so much..job, family... and yet... here i am, with barely 24 hours behind me. Someone asked me what I was doing to do different this time. Well, i am going to more meetings, calling women in the program daily, several times a day, actually, i now go to the meetings early and stay after, when I can. I finished my fourth step..... OH.. and the big one. HAVE FAITH..yes, going to have faith that God will keep me sober...cause I sure cant...

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Smile HI alaskasunshine 1 is a great place to start..better then day zero..

..this a great site to share and learn...keep posting...Oz..
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Welcome alaskasunshine

Sounds like you have a plan - keep it up!
you'll find a lot of help and encouragement here too

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Welcome to the family! I know you can do it, because after 25 yrs. I finally did. I had so many false starts before I found SR. Yes, I was ready to quit because I was scared I was going to die if I didn't - but the people here brought me through and made it stick.

Knowing you're no longer alone - and that you can reach out to us any time of day or night - should help make a difference. I felt like I was all alone with my nightmare until I found so many people with my same story. It was comforting and gave me courage. If they could do it, I could too. Please keep talking to us & let us know how you are. We care about you.
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Welcome here. I just joined and it feels good to have this community that can relate to you. Just keep coming back.
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Alaskasun, I think you will get lots of encouragement here on your decision to quit. Alcohol is something I can't control and I used it to "get by" through life for years - 14 of them for sure, but I can remember the signs that I was creating more problems for myself with it even 20 years ago. I am on day 100 now without it. The addiction, the problem, is something that I understand better than before; I see it as something that is with me for life now, like a disease. I am really lucky. I started reading and posting here a few weeks after I quit and it helped me to stay firm in my resolve and to hang on (meanwhile, lots of other people felt the same way about all kinds of feelings and problems, from big tragedies to small annoyances). So it isn't a cliche to say "you are not alone" in it. So maybe this is a good thing to add to your other methods to quit, like the meetings. Day 1 is a really important day!
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Hound, hi, I have been thinking about you.
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Welcome to SR Sunshine.
Sounds like you have got a pretty extensive plan. This should be your time to shine.
Good luck.
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Hi Alaska Sunshine! Welcome to the forums. I am new here too. You sound like you have a good plan. I agree that reaching out to people who understand what you are going through and attending meetings will go a long way. And your faith is key!
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I'm glad you're back and trying again.
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Welcome to SR! :ghug3 I hope we can give you the support and information you need to stay sober. It's so worth the effort!

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Thank you all!! I am on day two, yippee!! Heading into the weekend and hoping its a sober one. Last weekend was a nightmare...scary...blurry...
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Going through the same thing you are my friend. I hope everyday keeps getting better and better for you.
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