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I've been sober in AA for a long time ,how ever coming to terms with my agnosticism has really only taken place in the last few years. I would just like to hear from others of similar thought.
Sometimes it is a struggle, not identifying with people of faith.
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Hello, cz. Welcome to SR.

Check out the secular connections section. You'll find some agnostics, atheists/non-theists, and some really cool believers.

There is a secular section for the 12 steps as well.

Take it easy.
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Hi czecher

I'm not in AA...or an agnostic...but Bam gave you some good leads.

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I initially rejected the idea that I might be agnostic. I equated agnoticism with atheism. I've never denied the existence of God, Great Power, Great Spirit, whatever you want to call it. So, I couldn't possibly be agnostic. In fact, I was so firm in that belief, that I was certain We Agnostics didn't apply to me. That was until I took the suggestions of We Agnostics and set aside what I thought I knew. Setting aside prejudice, I found that I was agnostic. I had a belief in God, but I didn't have a knowing of God, or an experience with that power. Do I still have agnosticism? Absolutely. There are areas of my life on any given day that I am not fully relying on God. Areas where I have fear is where I find my current agnosticism.
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Hey, hey, hey -

It took me some time. I live near the bible belt so there's many Christian followers in the group. Many agnostics too, they just tend not to be so open about it. I'm an athiest, that does not mean I'm not spiritual. In time, with an open mind without predjudice, you should become less bothered. Soon enough I was able to take all that was hurled my way, and turn it into a language I can understand.
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