Day 18..

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Day 18..

Hi Guys,
I can kind of see why people resort to drinking again! I am on day 18 and I am feeling like I am on a rollercoaster of emotions... I dont want another drink ( my body is definately telling me that ) But I feel like crap and its so tempting to have one to relieve the crap feeling's! I am planing to go to AA meetings and there is no way I can go back to my previous lifestyle of drinking every night.. I have been back to the docs three times and burst into tears ( says that I need to see a therapist because my drinking was due to grief) , my emotions and all over the place and the feeling's of anxiety are pretty bad too! Does it get any better??? I know that it will but god its hard isnt it this being sober! Hey ho.. and the listless feeling goes on...
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Hi Paula,

Yes, it IS hard and it can be very painful dealing with some of the stuff we have to deal with. I deal with anxiety too, and it worsened when I was drinking. I still deal with, but most of the time it's manageable. You can get used to going through life without using alcohol. Hang in there!
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Early sobriety IS tough.....but being sober IS worth it. Yes, it does get better.

Keep going back to that doc, or find another one you are happy with.

Welcome to SR.
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Smile 18, 4 me too,Paula..

..i keep your doc should be able to help with those
anxious moments... does get better..I did 110 days last year and unfortunately went
for the*i'll just have a quiet beer*syndrome..

..Bang! failed miserabley...hope ya feel better..ozy
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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I sure hope you feel better soon.
You are doing the best thing for
yourself by keeping sober...

Be gentle with will be ok
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Hi Paula.
If you agree with your doctor that your drinking is even partially due to grief then perhaps talking it through with a therapist may be a good idea.
Congratulations on your sober time. For me the first few weeks were the hardest and my emotions were all over the place too. I cried too, which is so out of character for me but now I am back to my old grumpy self so this will likely pass for you too.
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Early sobriety can be quite a 'bumpy road' but it does get better with time. Hang in there and stay sober one day at a time. THis too shall pass.
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congrats on your 18 days, that's a big deal! i hope i can get to your point....I am on Day 10....while I don't feel any physical cravings, it is hard to be strong mentally.
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Hi Paula,

First, thanks so much for your post. You might not realize it, but you took a huge step by simply posting the truth about your feelings. Well done!!

I'm just on Day 35, so I'm not that much further along. However, I can tell you that it does indeed get better. No one can tell you exactly when that happens as we're all different, but it does indeed get better.

One quick note and please, please just take this as my opinion. You said that you were looking into starting AA. I can't encourage you enough to make that step and start going. I find that my feelings really level out just by stepping foot into those doors. I guess I'm at peace knowing that I'm exactly where I need to be at that moment and I have found so much support and love being around other recoverig alcoholics.

As a last note, I'm in individual therapy as well and I think that would be another great step for you to take. Again, I find that dealing with emotions can be as simple as just talking about them. No, they don't just magically go away but it does really, really help to get it all out there.

Again, thanks so much for your post and I wish you all the best.

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Thanks everyone! I am feeling a bit better today, still nausea and aches and pains and that horrid anxiety.. I can feel it lurking :-0 Have any of you guys gone off food while on detox? I am really struggling some days to eat and am making myself eat something three times a day.. up side I am loosing :-)
I am going to find an AA meeting, I never want to go back to my old lifestyle, I will make that phone call today and not put it off any longer!
Thanks!! P
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Hi Paula,,no,I cannot stop I do exercise alot..

..remember,this is my 2nd go at sobriety,so anxiety issues are not
a concern for me...just relax and treat youself to something nice...

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Paula, i stuck to a soft diet, broth with some cooked veg., tea and crackers, oatmeal, fruit....and I did take tylenolPM at night to help me get a few hours of sleep...i started slowly back to my vitamins and supplements, be sure to take them with food...i had incredible thirst from dehydrating, I drank at least 7 large cups of herbal tea every day.
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Yes me too, I am keeping my diet really simple, salad last night for dinner and a bit of toast and vegimite ( love that it has vit B in it and I need that :-)) Ozboy, I need exercise! I am going to go for a long walk by the river later and see if that makes me feel any better! Decided coffee doesnt like me either so think that herbal tea might be the way to go!
TY, P xx
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I just went back to coffee this week myself....regular tea has about 1/2 the caffeine of coffee, herbal of course has zero.
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