Any advise Withdrawls alcohol

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Any advise Withdrawls alcohol

I have drank beer for over 15 years almost eveyday. For the last 7 or 8 years it has been everyday 7 to 12 beers a day when i get off work. I have made up my mind to stop it has been 2 days so far I feel bad a little diarrhea an nausea i can handle that. I cant sleep and i know thats to be expected. Other than that I feel ok i guess.
What and when should else i be looking for [whats comming]?
I guess what im really asking is with me drinking at that rate for that many years how bad do you guys think its going to get with withdrawls.
No other drugs just alcohol
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Welcome Over
Here's a thread from some of our members on their detox experiences

Keep in mind tho no one can diagnose you or give you any predictive medical advice here - that's why we recommend medical supervision - if you get at all concerned, please see a Dr or go to the ER.

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Think it changes from person to person, I am 16 days off the booze and can honestly say that it has only been the last two days that i have felt completely myself in terms of the physical stuff! I had aches and pains for a few days, nausea for another couple of days, headaches for about 4 days running... and a general feeling of crapness!! My Doc says that men cope better with withdrawal than women, I was a four to five glass of wine drinker a night for two years and I feel like my withdrawal symtoms were huge, Hope that you feel better soon and you are in the right place, everyone was very welcoming to me when I 1st posted :-))
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Night sweats, unreasonable fears, jitters, emotional roller-coasting... all of that can come with the package, Over. It's safest to get medical attention and/or go to an official detox facility. Are you going to meetings? You're going to need support and direction. A Big Book to read and some hot chocolate to drink might help, too. Come by the Steps Forum when you get a chance. Probably best to start at Step One... Wishing you the best, friend. Hang in there.
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Welcome to SR! I would also suggest seeing your doctor about medical help in getting thru detox safely and comfortably. We can't give medical advice, and besides, everyone's detox is different. Please see a doctor to be safe.
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I hope you talk to your dr and that you continue to use SR as a support.
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Welcome to SR.

I do hope you will see your doctor
De toxing from alcohol is a medical issue.
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One of the things that helped me SO MUCH when I was detoxing from alcohol was SUGAR! I was told that my body was still seeking all the sugar, carbs, caloric intake that it was accustomed to after I had quit drinking. On my second day I still couldn't hold down a glass of water. But I made it to a meeting and they sent me home with a basket of candy. Chocolate, Nerds, bottlecaps, cookies, the works. They told me for the first 4 or 5 days at least, I should nibble on that candy as much as my stomach would tolerate and it would help me sleep and give me more energy, and it absolutely worked. I felt so much better the next day and was able to get a couple hours sleep AND start holding down water again. So, assuming you're not a diabetic of course, if you MUST do this at home and you can't get help from a doctor, (which as suggested is the BEST option you have) my suggestion is to hit the dollar store and fill a cart in the candy aisle! I wish you all the best in recovery.
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I drank a lot of "energy drinks" - e.g., Amp, Crunk, Monster, etc. for the 1st few weeks when I quit my every-other-day binges about a year ago. Those high-sugar/caffeine drinks gave me a beer substitute, especially in situations where I was used to having a beer in my hand.

I don't really drink those much any more, because I have gotten used to not drinking beer all the time.

Good luck with quitting, and welcome to SR. This is a great place with great people.
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I'm six days off the booze and I saw my Dr for a home detox, best thing I've ever done.
Go see your Doc, and good luck on staying sober.
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I see a psychiatrist who specializes in alcohol/drug recovery and I asked her the same thing. She said that it does indeed vary from person to person and that it can be all across the board.

Again, I won't give medical advice but will stand by what others have posted - go see your doctor. There are non-addictive medications out there that will help you with your recovery (not just withdrawl) and I can testify that my medical supervision has been a HUGE help in my early recovery.

That said, please don't get me wrong about what the medications can and can not do. IMHO, you need to plan for your long term sobriety as well and the best method I know of is AA.

The medical approach (which is crucial) will keep your body safe for now. The AA approach will help heal what's going on inside of you and replace the need for alcohol with a need to live life without alcohol. That's been my experience at least.

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Most likely if you have two complete days down with little more symptoms than that you should be okay. Seeing a Doctor is probably a good idea if for nothing else just a general physical and lay it out to him about what is going on and your intent to stay sober. The more people you voice your plans to, the better chance you have of staying sober.
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You're doing great. You're rewiring (literally) your mind and body into something and it takes time. My drinking pattern approximated yours; and it took a couple months to feel good. A general physical, with complete honesty to your doctor concerning your drinking would be a great way to go. Welcome to the journey. From personal experience exercise and good eating habbits help alot. Keep rockin' it out; the first couple months can be a little sureal. Read the stikies as suggested above and relax try not to obssess; if you do laugh it off, it's part of the game.
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Do you have a doctor that you see or trust. Sometimes the worse withdrawals are the third thru seventh day which could result in medical withdrawal symptoms. The problem is that no one knows who will need medical help as far as benzos. Once you start to seizure there isn't much they can do for you soo. You have made a decision to make a very positive change to your life. Isn't it worth a medical consult to make sure you are doing it without ill effect. Also, there is no reason to sufer through physical withdrawals.
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