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Congratulations, Goat! In honour of your sobriety date, I may try making that lamb for the first time! I'm guessing mine won't be nearly as good as yours, but with each attempt at it, I am sure to learn. Probably the hard way, mind you.

I try to scan the thread every day for recipe ideas now, it's a great way to get new ideas for supper.
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I'm sure yours will be at least as good as mine! There's nothing special about my oven, it cooks the same way as yours Well, except mine leaks a little propane when it's running and I should probably figure out how to adjust it...

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Way to go Goat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm glad the clue worked - about time too
Just joking - Goat is one heck of a smart guy.
We helped each other in English, German, little bit of Spanish, but he totally lost me with Latin
Hey here's another good idea for getting through the tough times: Learn another language and being sober you can actually be understood.
Again well done on six months (right behind you !!)
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I think my ego's been stroked enough on this thread... Gonna get a headache from the head swelling!

I just wanna say... Y'all probably know already this isn't my first time getting sober. But something is really different this time.

SR has been a major difference with me -- the real key to my own sobriety is interacting with other people because I was always a lone drinker. Being alone is my #1 trigger.

I'm not pining for the loss of alcohol anymore... I'm not thinking I'll just stay sober when no one's looking...

This is also the first time there's been no dishonesty about my sobriety. I used to tell people my sobriety date was March 27, 2002 -- even though I'd had several relapses in the time since. Now I have six real, honest months, and I would like to keep going that way.

In real life I'm not the kind of person who is terribly popular or keeps very many friends. You can't know how much it means to me to have so many friends on this site!

Thanks Saphie, starting this thread really made my 6 months

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CIA Goat .

(congratulations in advance or Culinary Institute of America if you like)
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Congratulations, Goat!

It's been great reading all your fan mail. What's this about "recipes"? That is SOOOO cool. I was married to a wonderful cook once-upon-a-time. It was awesome having nice dinners all the time. Now, left to my own devices, I rely heavily on help (advice) from friends! So, this adds a new dimension to the benefits my SR website! Thanks. I will be checking it out real soon.

I still plan on going to Akron in June. So, perhaps I will see you on the road somewhere! -tabfan
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It is very likely that you will see me there! If there weren't gonna be 10,000 sober bikers there I'd say "I'll be the one on a motorcycle"

And please do come hang out with us in the What's for dinner thread in the cafe!

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Go Goat!!
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Ten thousand bikers!??????

That's a lot of bikes. I didn't plan on going to another Sturgis! But,..... I guess this run "HAS" been going for awhile, hasn't it? I was planning on going there b4 I go to San Antonio. That was the plan. Hmmmmm....

And, where is this "What's for Dinner" thread in the cafe?
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I get pleasure from exaggeration But there will certainly be a buncha bikes there!

The what's for dinner thread is here:

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Congratulations...6 months...nice work.
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Congratulations for your 6 months this Sunday.
Awesome job!
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