Just to introduce myself

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Smile Just to introduce myself

Hi, I realised 3 days ago that I am dependant on alcohol and am seeing someone from the community advisory service on Thursday.

I am a professional working woman, happily married with lots of kids, and no-one knew!

You all seem very supportive with each other, and it will be nice asking you stuff over the next few weeks/months/years - the future I am terrified of now xxx
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Take it all One day at a time.

'Just for today I will not drink'.

Also consider the word alcoholic. Acceptance of that title could be the key to a wonderful new life for you free from the shackles of chemical dependancy. Don't let any predjudice that you may have skirt the real truth... Happens to so many and it really is as simple as you want it to be.

All The Best
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Being Me for the first time
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welcome to the the SR family Daisy .. were glad your here
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Hi Daisy,

Welcome to SR! It is a place full of straight-talking wonderful people. I have learned so much posting and reading here. The future is bright.

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Welcome to the SR recovery family! I'm glad you are seeking help from a professional about your drinking. We alcoholics often need all the help we can get to stop drinking. As was said, take it one day at a time. Do'nt drink for today. Worry about tomorrow when it gets here. (((hugs)))
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Welcome, daisy! I am also a professional woman, happily married and a recovering alcoholic! SR is a great place!


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Welcome Daisy! I am on Day 3 as well... This is a wonderful site - with very understanding and non-judgemental people. You will even find that you are "not alone" there are others JUST LIKE YOU.
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Welcome! We've all taken those first few steps on the journey to sobriety: and I was scared witless. Afraid to keep drinking and afraid to stop! It does get better.
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Welcome to SR Daisy and yes it is a very good site that will support and help you a lot along the way.
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Welcome Daisy

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We Do Recover
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Welcome Daisy! Glad you are here.
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Thank you all for your kind words The 'one day at a time' thing is helping enormously already, so thank you...okay, off to browse around this site, as I am such a novice I need to get the gist of the terms used etc xxx
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Hi Daisy and welcome to SR
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