Day 20 - Yeehaaawwww!!!!!

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Day 20 - Yeehaaawwww!!!!! get the picture.

Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm 20 days sober and had my first weekend without ANY cravings!!! What a huge blessing.

I went out to dinner the other night with my wife and some friends and I was the only one not drinking.....and I felt great and had a wonderful time. I always thought I had to be buzzed to have a fun time with friends, be funny, etc. - yet another lie that my alcoholic brain has been telling me.

We had a great time. I had one guy ask me, "So, you're not drinking anything?". I just told him 'no' and it was no big deal at all. No explanation needed nor given.

Have a great week, everyone, and here's to living life to the fullest!

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Yeeeehaw is right, that's awesome. Congratulations
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Congrats Racer. Funny how we think drinking us such a big deal. We can't imagine not drinking right along with everyone else. And the truth of the matter is that no one even cares! People ask the first few times you are out and not drinking, and then after that it doesn't even matter. We are the only ones who think it is a big deal. Like last night, we went to a superbowl party at our friends house. They had a huge jug of cranberry juice just for me! They know I don't drink anymore, and they don't care.

Keep going, one day at a time. I am happy for you!
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That sounds great, Racer!
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That's cool, i felt the same the last saturday,i eated in a restaurant with friends

and didn't need the alcohol for have fun,also i spent a lot of money less,

two cokes is far cheap than 10 beers and two bottles of red wine
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I'm glad you are doing so well.
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YAY that's great!! Thanks for sharing. That is very encouraging!!! I know what you mean about feeling like you need to be buzzed to get through things, sadly buzzed often turns to drunk and acting like a fool....
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Great, well done.
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Well done Racer!

Know what you mean about the dinner out and not drinking......I went out for a meal last week and whilst everyone else was drinking wine, I had an appletizer and boy did it taste great!!
As you can see I'm still with ya xx
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congrats Racer! :bounce:

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Awesome!! Don't you taste the food more? I just love to go out to eat. We don't do it much because of money, but what a treat.
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Well, I'm on my way
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Congratulations! I'm still afraid to go out with friends who are drinking. I hope I can have fun too like you in the near future and not care.
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brand New Racer Good ForYou.. Hot on yea Heels.. Congrats
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Racer! Congrats to you!!! Keep up the great work!!
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I am not sure I even want to be around those that still drink I have a couple of friends that will probably respect m lifestyle change....but if they can not then oh well....
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WOO WOO! All aboard the clean and sober train! And you're the conductor!
LOL. I just had to make something up, other than the standard congrats lines.. Hope you don't mind, but anyway, CONGRATS!
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Congratulations, Racer!!! You are doing so great - thanks for keeping us up to date!

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Instead of starting yet another post, just wanted to say that Day 20 went great and on Day 21 now. Still hitting my meetings, still calling my sponsor daily to check in, still calling my sponsor (or others that I've met at AA) if/when I start feeling 'the bad urge.' Luckily, my craving waves have really, really calmed down (knock on wood). Still taking this thing one day at a time, but I dropped my son off at school this morning and hung out to talk to the other parents. I've mentioned this before, but I would NEVER do that during my drinking days due to alcohol breath, being hung over, etc. What a great way to start the day!

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Originally Posted by RacerX View Post
We had a great time. I had one guy ask me, "So, you're not drinking anything?". I just told him 'no' and it was no big deal at all. No explanation needed nor given.
That's awesome, RacerX. Yeow!
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