Sober Bowl!

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Sober Bowl!

Did everyone enjoy all the ice water? I sure did for a change.

Have a successful week you guys!


P.S. 3 weeks today and for this I am grateful.
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Coke Zero and a lot of yummy Super Bowl food. I think it's all still sitting in my stomach this morning.

What a great game. So glad the Saints won!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!
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dopeless hope fiend
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Hah. I went to a meeting at 7:30 so i missed most of the game. Oh well, hadn't been to one yet yesterday and i committed to a 90 in 90. I did get home in time to see the final 7 minutes which were great.
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Fresca has become my new beverage of choice (outside of oodles of water). My 6 year old son and I also successfully destroyed an entire bag of Whoppers watching the game. Gotta love those malt balls!
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Cranberry juice/Sierra Mist for me. But I guarantee I feel much better than a lot of other people this morning!
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Follow Directions!
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Well I ate pizza, drank a ton of water during the first half..... then cat napped my way through the second half, wish it had been the other way around, but at least I remember the parts I was awake for unlike when I was drinking and could barely remember the 1st quarter.

I really like the thread title "Sober Bowl'!!!!
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Consumed tons of junk food, and had a blast with my kiddos.
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Super what now?

Good on all you guys

Downunder Dee
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Yeah I love that too....Sober Bowl....we had pizza, soda and gatorade!! and it was the day we decided to kick the habit altogether....ironic? (oh we is me and my boyfriend)
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Didn't watch it. Went to a balloon museum instead. LOL! By the way, it was a great time to go because there were ZERO in the way of crowds.

Congratulations though. I know getting through that is like getting through New Years Eve for some.
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I made lasagna for the first time (am I finally becoming a "real mom?!") and my son and I ate too much and watched. I love the e-trade commercials so much with those babies, I rewound it several times on the DVR and laughed every time.

My co-worker, by the way, had a N'awlins party I did not attend, and today felt like crap after drinking (ahem) ten hurricanes!!! Ten! (I listened with compassion - not judging. Just sayin'. I do not miss that feeling.
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I love it Soph!! last big night out was Saturday and it was a reminder to me as to why I had cut back or stopped drinking so much. Luckily my boyfriend and I made the decision we can be partners in our new lifestyle. We have had way more Hangover Free weekends and have enjoyed that soooooo much more....than the after affects of a night out. plus our last night was not even enjoyable even with being drunk....reminded me that I have grown past those nights.
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Oh and yes the baby commercials were the best!! LOL
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Sober Bowl, I Lvu it!!!! For me it was Spicy Wings, Chili, Chips & Dip, Lots of Diet Coke, My stomach feels like, well you guys know, But best of all I remember the hole game today with no HANGOVER!!! And i even made it to work and did some work today
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I didn't watch the game as I'm not into football, but isn't it amazing how much more fun we have sober?
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YES...least I agree with you. I am looking forward to learning how to do things socially sober.
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Dr. Pepper and tons of food!
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2 big cheeseburgers, tortilla chips and queso dip, and combo pizza rolls! I can't believe I ate so much. Were it not for sobriety I would've packed on about 1500 more calories in mixed drinks and beers.

AND I am able to talk about what happened in the game with my coworkers and not have a hazy memory where I can't remember specific plays. My first Soberbowl in quite a long time was succesful!
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PostParty82, good post. I have been thinking about how many wasted calories are in drinking...won't miss that!!!
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