60 days today!! Woo hoo!!

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Congratulations! It does feel great, doesn't it?? Good for you!

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You are a gift! That is your SR party... (are we dizzy yet? LOL)


It's Saturday Night....

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Least, Great job! My golden retriever likes it too (woof)
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everything is already ok
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Congrats least
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good news before bed time.

lifes been tough for you least.....i remember some of the posts.

but you stayed here......and continued to look for the answers.

proud of you............congratulations.
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Hooray!!! Congratulations, Least!
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Good job ((least!))
So happy to hear you are doing well. Congratulations on the 60 days.
Been following all your posts and felt your heartache during your relapse.
No one is harder on us then ourselves.
Keep doing what you are doing.
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great job least. very, very happy for you. keep marking 'em off.
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(((Least))) Hoped you were doing well! SOOOO happy for you.
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Attitude of Gratitude
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I'm very proud of you. Yes, it can be a rough road to follow, but the rewards are so worth it, aren't they? Just keep taking things One Day at A Time and we'll be sharing many more milestones with you. You're blooming just like this rose is.

God Bless,
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That's awesome!! Congrats on your recovery and what a great feeling!

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I knew you would - great job!! I'm so happy for your success.
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seeking recovery
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That is FANTASTIC you are truly an inspiration!!!!!!
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...really I don't
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Congrats, Least = )
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RIP Maria
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Here's a rainbow for ya on your special day. Congrat's.

Imageshack - purplerainbow.jpg
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at'a girl least!
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Fabulous! Congrats, ((((least!))))

Much love,

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Red face

CONGRATULATIONS. I wish you 60 more days/////get INTO ACTION

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Disposable Hero
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