6 hours till class and my mind is racing

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6 hours till class and my mind is racing

Figured I would come in and type something up. The response is always helpful. I'm trying to decide if I want to switch my major. I'm a freshmen in college and have spent my past semester and the current one taking classes for a degree in music and in Spanish. I'm quickly finding that my love for both is stretched thin. I'm still enjoying music and could see myself keeping it at least as a minor, but I'm not so sure about the Spanish major. I have always wanted to teach Spanish, but this grammar class is showing me that perhaps I don't appreciate all the complexities of the language. If I were to switch it, I would switch to psychology. I feel like it's something that suits my personality. I really am fascinated by all of it, and I feel like a career in that field would be just what I'm looking for. Plus, I really enjoy talking to people and learning about them in any way I can. I'm just wondering if I'm not already too far in to do it. Plus, to be able to use a psychology degree you really have to have a masters or PhD and I'm just not sure I could afford that in the future. Decisions, decisions.
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I think you know what you want to do already MAB

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Your career will be much more meaningful if you do something you are passionate about. Before I went off to college, my brother gave me valuable advice: when life gives you a choice, take the harder path (relearning that lesson is why I'm here now).

And, two semesters in is not too far. I did a complete 180 after my freshman year and just had to add a summer session. No regrets.
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