Day 2 is hard

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Day 2 is hard

Of course I made it through Day 2 and thought how proud of myself I was, I should reward myself with something to drink. Didn't go to the liquor store though so I conquered that battle. Got into a fight with husband because he asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said I wanted a bottle of wine. Of course, wanting it and having it are 2 different things but really, I shouldn't have responded that way. Anyways, still hanging a thread but I'm here.
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I'm glad you're getting through Day 2!
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Congratulations on making it through day 2! You should try to reward yourself with something positive like a manicure and pedicure, nice soak in the tub, buy a new book to read or a new CD to listen to. They will help you feel good about yourself, and will last a lot longer.
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The first few days are rough. Hang in there. It will get better.
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I actually did have a soak in the tub, it helped. The very cool thing about this message board is that nobody is surprised about things like "liquor store mental battles". Something that I feel like noone in my real life would understand. Thanks for the support.
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Welcome to has truly changed my life. Coming here has taught me I'm not alone....huge, for me.
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l always thought that day 2 was the worse day.
Pure horror.
Make it through day 2 and you are well on your way !
The longest journey starts with the first step !
Wish u well.
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First couple of days are the hardest. Keep it up. The people in my life didn't understand the alchol problem. I was glad when I found this site. Lots of similar stories and feelings. Keep reading and posting.
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Good for you day 2, keep it goin, on day 10, and just gettin the hang of this sobriety,
or so i think!, each persons different in times and days which are hardest to get through
i think, i hope am not wrong in sayin when you get through a real hard night of pangs
of temptation... Next morn you wake up real strong with renewed confidence you can
stay the course... This is what im findin anyhow.
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Liquor store mental battles...
shows who's stronger because you hun, are winning the war right now!
Have a great day 3 & keep coming back
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How are you doing today? Hopefully day 3 went well for you.
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Still here

I did lose my temper on my son but I did not drink so that is the positive!
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Glad to see you are still with us!
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Congrats on day 3
Keep an even temper can be difficult in the early days, but things will even out

Keep the faith
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