Mood Disorders,And Alcoholism

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Mood Disorders,And Alcoholism

Hi everyone,

This is a really great site for me,when I can't make meetings,so a big thanks to everybody who makes it possible.I love the openness,and honesty that I'm seeing.I know that it's not a good idea for members to give medical advise,however I would like some input on something that I believe gives me a propensity towards alcoholism.

I'm starting to believe that in my case there could be an underlying mood disorder,and that my alcohol use has been a way to self medicate this condition.Ever since I can remember,starting at 6 years old.....I'm now 38,I have had periodic episodes of depression,and agitation where my mind seems to race out of control,and I can't focus on what I'm doing very well.I started drinking around 13 or so to cope with the impending doom of the depression,anxiety.and agitation.

It worked for quite a few years,then stopped working.I'm sober now,and have stayed sober for months at a time.At one point it was over two years.Stopping drinking was never the problem.It was staying stopped through these mood swings that always seem to send me back to alcohol to sedate myself.I have thought of seeking professional help but,due to a job lay off,I lost my medical insurance,and can't afford it.I'm just wondering if anyone has had trouble with mood swings,and how they went about relieving the symptoms.
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Hi 1SoberSwede

I'm of the opinion that depression and anxiety are best treated by a doctor/therapist/counsellor.

I hope someone here will have suggestions for you, maybe about accessing professional help where you live

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Welcome to SR!
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Yep as Dee said would be worth asking the doctor.

All you described i have had all my life, i went to AA and worked the steps...before that my emotions completely ran my life and my moods were like yoyo bordering on bi-polar...
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I was diagnosed with depression, manic depression, and anxiety years ago, have been on meds for years. I was drinking to medicate, especially the anxiety, but alcohol only made it worse. Now that I'm not drinking my depression/anxiety meds work much better.

I hope you can find some help with your mood disorder soon. Keep looking.
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