sober today

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sober today

It is my fifth day of sobriety and it's the first weekend that I am going to face without drinking. I don't crave alcohol until about 6PM at night. I think I will be okay because I'm busy this evening and no one will be drinking and the same tomorrow night. I feel so good today, slept almost eight hours, my eyes are clear and I don't have that, "God, why did I drink last night," feeling I am so used to. I never understood why people drank when their lives were so miserable and now I know. It's because the craving is so powerful. Before I decided to quit altogether, I could just not drink for days or a week or sometimes more but I always knew I would have that bottle of wine eventually. Now that I am saying, no more, the cravings are strong. I am powerless over alcohol and I do not want to waste another day of my life nursing a hangover. God please guide me.
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I think the cravings do become stronger when we finally make the decision to stop drinking for good. The addict voice speaks to us, in desperation, knowing that it is losing power.

Good for you for having a plan for the weekend!
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Someone on the SR board wrote something that sums it all up.

"You never wake up in the morning thinking I wished I would have drank last night".

Man, that resonates in me like a tune through a fiddle.

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Welcome to SR Ibsenplays. I agree that the voice can be quite annoying. I gave up drinking everyday for years, but by the evening I was giving in once again.

I stumbled upon SR one day and figured I would make a real effort. My proclamation to myself was "I will do anything, but drink today."

Craving hit #1. Went on SR and read every post I could read.

Craving hit #2. Went on SR and put out a post that I needed help.

Craving hit #3. Took suggestion from members and changed my routine.

Craving hit #4. Drank plenty of liquids and made sure I wasn't hungry.

See the point I am trying to make is SR saved my life. I know a lot of people have that same dedication to AA and I admire and I know where they are coming from. I have also said that if SR doesn't work any longer for me that I will need to get myself into an AA meeting. I will do ANYthing but drink today.
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Welcome to the best support site anywhere! It's a good thing you decided to stop drinking. Staying sober will make your life simpler and eliminate a lot of risk. Congrats on five days sober!
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Welcome ibsenplays

I agree with everyone else - it's really important to reach out and talk out the cravings and other problems of early recovery, so it's good to have you here

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Lovely to meet you, ibsenplays. SR helped get and keep me sober after more than 25 yrs. of being enslaved by alcohol. I'm sad that I squandered to much time, but I've learned to move past that regret/guilt stage - it was keeping me from enjoying the life I had in front of me. It sounds like you have a great attitude & are determined.

It's wonderful you've found us and we'll be interested to hear how it's going for you.
How are things in beautiful Burlington? I love it up there....
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