Hello !

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Hello !

Hi Everybody,
my name is Sabine and I am an alcoholic. I am grateful to be sober today and happy to be here.

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Welcome Sabine.
There is plenty of support here.
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Hi Sabine, welcome.
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Hey Sabine, this a great place for support in our recovery, glad you've joined us!
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Thanks for joining with us
Welcome to our recovery community....
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Hi Sabine

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welcome Sabine!
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Welcome Sabine!
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Welcome Sabine!
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Hi Friends,

thanks for the nice welcome ! I am glad to have found the Forum - I have been knowing AA from ftf -meetings. I have been sober fpr a long time but right now I have to face a new challenge which is physical pain(I wrote about it in pain-managemant). Well, at leats sobriety does not become boring >g>...

I live in Bremen, Germany. I never could handle >normal >drinking; i always lost control about my drinking. And very rapidly my alcohol -consum doubled and tripled; I drank more and more...I got sober with the local AA-chapter and I stayed in the program. I know for sure that if I had contiuned drinking I would now be dead . So the choice was easy for me, I want to live.


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Welcome Sabine! GLad you are here.
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Welcome to SR Sabine!
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Welcome to SR!
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Hi Sabine - so glad you joined us. That was my reason for quitting, too - I wanted to live. I also kept increasing the amount I drank and it didn't even affect me in the end - it was never enough.

I'm sorry for the pain you're going through. We'd love to hear more about your story & hope you'll stay with us.
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thanks again for the warm and nice welcome ! I know for sure that alcoholism is a deadly disease; in my familiy people died from it. When I quit drinking it was a choice for life; i just didnīt want to die...When I quit drinking I didnīt have any idea how to do that but the aa-concept of one day at a time was something I did understand...My alcoholism for me was the very desperate trial not to feel and not to face unpleasant emotions ; fear, helplessness and loneliness ...For me beeing and staying sober means also to learn to live with these fears , learning to handle my emotions. Right now it feels like I have to face some demons - physical pain -again .I am trying to learn to live with it, not to give it too much space. But itīs a challenge, I have to say that...


P.S.: Could anybody please tell me how I move an icon in my postings ???? I might be a technical idiot >g> but so far I am not succesful...
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I'm a little on the late bandwagon of welcoming you, but welcome to SR any ways.

I have heard it from many members that they tried to use alcohol or drugs to control or numb physical pain, but once they crossed that line it was of little use to them. You can live without alcohol and there are therapies to reduce pain. I hope you have been in contact with a doctor about your physical pain.

For me, it was emotional pain and numbing life in general. Once I became sober for awhile I had to find out how to deal with life. It isn't easy, but its a worthwhile journey for sure. I would say our journey of learning never ends.

I can't tell you how to move an icon because I AM a technical idiot for sure. Someone else will definitely be along to help you there.
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thanks for your welcome too. Yes, I see a doctor whi give sme acupuncture against the pain.

Best Wishes for you too

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