Good recovery Tools

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Good recovery Tools

Thanks for all of your stories. I am new to the community and it helps to have a support group. Been clean since 11-22-09 (day after my birthday). Its hard, but going well. I have a sponsor now. It was hard getting adjusted to talking to someone about it. If anyone else is having the same problem, this new iPhone app helped. You can download it for free at itunes. It is called 12 Step Sponsor Dial.

Does anyone else have any good tools like this? I also found a new group of clean friends and picked up some new hobbies. Staying busy and positive is key!
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if you haven't had a chance to check out s.m.a.r.t., its a really good place to look at for some recovery tools, too! thank you for sharing, and congrats on the sober time!!
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Welcome to SR Tiff! Besides this site I use Facebook as a recovery tool to keep in touch with my friends in the program of AA.
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Hi TiffLA and welcome to SR.

Your sober date is the same as mine.. 11-22-09. We're coming up on 2 months! Congrats

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Hi, Tiff! You are so right on about hobbies!
Except when I'm drinking. When I'm drinking, I'm pretty much just wasting time and being hungover. But, when I'm not drinking, which is most of the time, I love to hike, swim, investigate old ruined buildings and houses, watch bad movies, play guitar, piano, read, research, watch for UFOs and comets (just to kill time, ha ha,) take random trips...lots of stuff. What do you like to do?
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Hi Tiff,

I think you're spot on with the keeping busy and being positive thing. I have found that exercise is a great aid in both those areas! The only other tool I have is coming here.
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Glad you found us and Congratulations on your decision to get Clean and Sober! It's important to stay busy and to find new activities. Do things you never thought you would do before. I always wanted to do silk flower arranging so I spent about $20 (money I would have drank up in an hour) and bought some flowers. I discovered that I have a natural talent for it and it turned into a money maker for me.

Make sure you get some other phone numbers so if you're Sponsor isn't available sometime, you have other women to talk to, especially is a crisis situation arises.

God Bless,
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I am picking back up an old hobby: making beaded jewelry. I have forgotten how to do it so I am going to sign up for a class soon.

It requires steady hands so it is a great activity for a sober person.
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