3 years clean and sober today!

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Talking 3 years clean and sober today!

Hey ya'll!!

I just want to share that today is my sobriety date. I have been clean and sober 3 years today.

I am so grateful to my higher power and AA for giving me the life that I only dreamed of.

Three years ago life was pretty horrible. I was going into rehab for my 7th time and was sure it would not work. I was soon having seizures and was in ICU on a breathing machine for a week. It was an awful time.

I got out of rehab and finally took some suggestions. I went to a meeting the day I got out of rehab and then went to 3 meetings the next day. I went to 2 or 3 meetings every day for the first 9 months. Then I dropped them to 1 meeting a day. That is what it took for me.

I went back to school at about 6 months sober. I made the dean's list my first semester back in college after a 21 year hiatus.

I have a wonderful husband who is truly the love of my life. I am so grateful that he stuck by me during those very difficult years.

I used EVERYDAY for 15 years. If I can get clean and sober anyone can.

Thanks for all of your ongoing support here at SR.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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HUGE hugs and prayers to you sweetie...good to see you back around here (I've missed ya!)

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Don't resist, allow
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Inspirational !!!

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It's people like you that give me encouragement when things are rough. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
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Tanya, that is super!
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Its really great you have turned your life around BUT its YOU and not the "higher power" that did it..........give credit to your awesome self
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Fantastic!! Thanks for posting this inspirational message!!!

Peace and Love xxx
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Life is Grand
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That is awesome!!


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Life the gift of recovery!
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Way to go!!
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Happy Birthday and thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm thinking about going back to school as well.
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that is so wonderful to hear... good going!!!8
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Just love to read posts like this.
Congratulations on your 3 years.
I'm sure you give hope to a lot of newcomers.

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I am so very proud of you!

And of your hp and your program....yes.

Keep up the excellent work...and, again...congrats!

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Congrats on 3 Big Years!!!
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Enjoy a SoberSized helping of cake! :day6
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Congratulations Tan :bounce
Wishing you all the best for this year too


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