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If relationships are based on trust which they are, and you have a drinker that lies about their drinking (and subsequently the situations that surround it) , how can you be sure they dont lie about other things?

If you are a drinker who knows you lie about it and you are exposed by your partner, how can you realistically demonstrate that it is only the drinking you are lying about?

I really want my relationship with my GF to work and am having trouble isolating her drinking habits and lying about it as a seperate entity. I want to believe that there are no other secrets and that im being told the whole truth about other things.
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how can you be sure they dont lie about other things?
hate to rain on the relationship parade.

one cant!

perhaps down the line, if the other seeks real help, and is not that person anymore...

best advice, run for the hills!

shamp, you may want the relationship,

at times, are wants are not whats best!


good wishes
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