Gone and back

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Gone and back

Today is Day #202 of "one-day-at-a-time"s for me. For those who don't know, here's a brief history of my drinking:

May 1980 (age 14) - Started binge drinking about once per month all through high school.

September 1984-May 1988 - Was a weekly binge drinker all through college. Had a "bad experience" with the hard stuff in 1985 and became an "all-star" beer drinker.

1988-1998 - Pretty much just a weekend drunk.

1999-2009 - Gradually became an everyday drinker (average of 12-18 beers per weekday with even more on the weekends). Got a DUI in November of 2003 which made me quit for 3 WHOLE MONTHS. Thought to myself "I'm no alcoholic" and went right back to my usual daily intake.

Sunday, June 21, 2009 - Woke up with a slight case of the shakes and severe anxiety. It only went away when I started drinking. That day would be my most recent (and hopefully last) day of drinking.

Monday, June 22, 2009 - Went to the emergency room with severe anxiety and dehydration. After I got home, I poured the remaining beer down the drain and haven't touched a drop since. Admitted to myself that I'm an alcoholic and can no longer live like I had been for several years.

Here's what's happened so far:
Anxiety - GONE
Guilt - GONE
Shame - GONE
Paranoia - GONE
Insominia - GONE
Hangovers - GONE
Cravings - GONE
Drinking buddies - GONE
Living In The Past - GONE

Happiness - BACK
Laughter - BACK
Living In The Moment - BACK
Eight hours of sleep - BACK
Focus and concentration - BACK
Regular appetite - BACK
Enjoyment of hobbies - BACK
True friends and family - BACK

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It can be done, they say...

Congratulations on getting all that stuff back.

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Thanks for the update....
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Thanks FBL

Great Stuff!
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love the me hope that some of those negative side effects will be= GONE! and looking forward to the postive being= BACK!

thanks for your post
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Absolutely great post to first read when awakening sober this Saturday morning. Thanks for starting my day out in this positive light.
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I don't know your story because I am fairly new here but what a beautful story you have to tell
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Beautiful post FBL! It is a miracle isn't it?
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Nice post... Much the same for me.

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great Post!!!!
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Thanks for the post! Good stuff!
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FBL Nice post!

Kind of like playing a Country song backwards. You get the everything back including the dog. LOL

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Gorgeous! I love it!
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A post the actively using, newly sober, and happily recovered can all relate to.

Well done!!!

P.S. How can I get more smilies (I click on more smilies but am not granted access?) - I'm stuck with inappropriate ones like when I'm looking more for this for this post...
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