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Looking For Myself...Sober
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I know how you feel. I was scared to run into anyone I may know too. Although I dont go to meetings yet. I have been to a few. And actually did see an ex coworker at one. But she was cool. Besides..They are there for the same reason and probably thinking the same thing.
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I personally would never rat anyone out I met at a meeting (even if I was ok ratting myself out in the process). I find most people are in the rooms to get better. That being said, there is no guarantee. If my boss were to hear from someone I attended meetings, and if he were brash enough to approach me about it, I would simply tell him I was not comfortable having personal conversations in the work place.

worse case scenario, my work finds out, so what? I am getting healthier. I have no shame in my meetings, and you cant be fired for quitting drinking
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I live in a fairly big city, too, and went to a meeting and there wasn't just one co-worker there, but five! I was so embarrassed and worried about what they would think and say. You know what, nothing happened. They didn't run back to work and tell everyone and only one of them actually ever mentioned it to me and that was to offer help if I needed it.

I think people really in these meetings to get better and they have enough on their plates with themselves. The ones that are doing really well with the program understand what is going on and will be there to help.

Good luck to you! I hope you find meetings that you are comfortable with. :-)
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Life the gift of recovery!
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Glad you are here and welcome to SR!

I worked in the health care field for the first 6 years of my sobriety before I retired from it. I originally had the same concerns as you have but what I have learned is that most people feel the same way I do and want their anonymity protected. So for them to say they saw you in a meeting they would have to explain why they were at a meeting. This significantly decreases the chances anyone will say anything about you being there. I have not had any problem over the years with it.

Hang in there and don't let your fear keep you away from something that might be a lifesaver for you. I know without the program of AA I would probably not be alive as alcoholism was killing me. After 20 years of drinking there was not much left that I had not tried to stop drinking except AA. It was the end of the road for me. Either way I do hope that you are able to find the sobriety you seek.
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welcome to SR Sneezy

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My first sponsor is a hospital director. He chairs noon meetings at the hospital frequently.

I used to think it would be a big scarry embarrassing deal to be an alcoholic. I think the 12-steps have humbled me to the point where I could really care less what people think. All I know is I'm forever grateful to have found out what has been wrong with me for so long, and a solution to it.

I hear out in some areas of California you're not "hip-&-cool" unless you're in some sort of recovery program these days. I guess it's become the "in thing" to do.

I don't know about all of that. I just like my new bar and the patrons who frequent it.
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Hi Sneezy,


SR has been my lifeline for years, and I do hope that you find the support you need.
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Welcome Sneezy! I can't help you regarding AA questions, but I know the previous posters have already given great information. I love this place and it has been invaluable to me as well. Hope you are helped by it too.
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same planet...different world
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Welcome Sneezy
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On my path.
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I have a box of Kleenex, mostly used, you are welcome to the rest, boogers, tears and all.

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Thanks to you all - your encouragement and experience mean a lot to me. And 55, I'll probably need the Kleenex, thanks!
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Hey sneezy, welcome!

You might want to look for closed meetings
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Gesundheit sneezy,

welcome to the family...

if you run into someone you may know,

their there for the same reason...

the risk of being found out, vs. the risk of death due to alcoholism...

look at it that way,

you may have an answer...

good wishes,

ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh choo!
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Welcome Sneezy!
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Sneezy when one of my daughters was in treatment for anorexia it was at Shepard Pratt in Baltimore, right across the street from her treatment building there were I think 5 AA meetings every day!

While she was in treatment I went to AA meetings right across the street, the vast majority of the folks attending those meetings were Doctors, Nurses, pharmicist, shrinks etc. Many of these folks had many years sober.

Do you know any one in AA in the medical profession? You probably think not, but I bet you actually work directly with folks in AA and simply do not know it. In AA the percentage of alcoholics in the medical profession may be actually higher then the general population from what the folks in those Shepard Pratt meetings shared.

Ask your self this, if you went to an AA meeting and saw one of the doctors and one of the nurses you work with every day there would you go right back to work and say "Guess who I saw at an AA meeting?"

Now I would bet money I know the answer to that question, trust me people in AA have a far greater concern about others anonymity then they do there own!

I have no problem breaking my anonymity, I do not advertise I am in AA, but if a question or a converstion led to my recovery I do not hesitate to mention I am a "Recovering Alcoholic" that uses AA to maintain my sobriety.

Now would I ever mention that some one is in AA? Absolutely not.

Now there are times when some one may give some one else permission to break thier anonymity, but this usually is limited to just AA meetings.

Even AA speakers will not mention some one elses name in AA when telling thier story UNLESS they have that persons permission.

I know for me personally, I was known by many as a DRUNK!!! No one today knows me as a DRUNK! Most people know me simply as Martin, some do know I am a "Recovering Alcoholic", but given the choice of people refering to me as a DRUNK or a "Recovering Alcoholic" I have no problem being known as some one who is recovering from something that most folks who have it die from.
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