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So here I am again. Picking myself up off the floor and looking for a way out of this dark abyss. Any suggestions? I would rather take a sledgehammer to the face at full force than deal with the constant faliure of trying to stay sober. I'm not gonna sugarcoat things....thats just the way it is. I havent given up hope yet...if I had, I wouldnt be posting. And neither would any of you. We still have the strength to make it through and somehow...I think we will. Bring on '10...a New Beginning.
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Welcome back thirstforlife

My suggestion is maybe add something new to whatever you've been using to quit and stay quit so far....

whether that's something like AA or another recovery programme, or a counsellor, or therapy, or something else...thats up to you.

Any of those has to be better than a sledgehammer to the face

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Oh Thirst..........I am so can take us out by the kneecaps sometimes.........I am with you...........come on 2010........
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You could just admit defeat and go to AA or another resource available to you...or carry on the 'good' fight into really is that simple:-)
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welcome back TfL

if the sledgehammer doesn't work,

try the safe on the head bit...

good wishes
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Hi ThirstForLife. You can do this thing. Last time I pulled myself up off the floor I managed to remain standing. This after 25+ yrs. of abuse. This can be the end of the insanity for you, too. We're with you all the way.
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Hevyn is right and we are right there with you, but if you need more as Dee suggested, then pursue it. If you have tried SR to no avail then add something else to the your toolbelt. Leave the sledge hammer in the garage where it belongs.
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I came to SR willing to do anything, with a strong dislike for AA. I embraced all that SR had to offer and read every addiction and recovery type book my local library had to offer. One day I decided I needed just a little more light in my life and a little help, and went looking for a higher power (funny thing that, my HP is always right there, even when I refuse to see=). Then one day I decided I wanted a little more light and a little more help, and I went to my first AA meeting.

Now when ever I get in over my head, I have resources galore. I have SR, I have books, I have meetings, and most of all I have a HP to run my show.

Try anything and everything available to you. If you don't like it at first, try it some more.
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