Office party a true test

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Great reply perry and hey, welcome to SR!!!! Hope to see more of you around here. Introduce yourself if you feel like it. I bet a lot of people would like to welcome you here.
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Great job, S! It bugs me as well that celebrations often revolve around alcohol. It's fine for some, I guess...those that can have a glass or two of wine or whatever and walk away from it. Personally, I wouldn't be done until the whole bottle was gone, and then I'd probably try to sneak some more! I am scared about my first sober holiday. Sometimes I think I should have put off my sobriety until after Christmas, but it's now or never for me. I can't wait to spend Christmas with my kids, celebrating with them and being cognisant of every look of joy when they receive their gifts. As for the holiday parties, I'll opt for ginger ale
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You know what Lost? I was bugged by the fact that the only non-alcohol drink that they had available was iced tea. I guess i could have asked for a diet coke, but I didn't. I think I must have been in a mood to start with and that never helps. You'll be fine. Post here if you need help and pm me ANYtime or email me.
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I like to ask for sparkling water with a lemon or lime, for some reason no one even notices that. Unless they hear me order. Then when/if asked. I usually reply, 'not yet'...if they ask aren't you drinking?
If they ask why I just say 'not now'....I don't explain it beyond that. Congrats!!!!! Its fun having holidays to remember!!!!!!
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